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Ask questions… if you want to know more

Founded in 1871, Jyllands-Posten is renowned for being a liberal, independent newspaper with an international focus. It is Denmark’s leading and the national supplier of quality journalism in both print and digital formats.



The task

Jyllands-Posten needed to revitalise its position and communication, in order to establish a solid foundation for attracting readers and subscribers. Kunde & Co was chosen to collaborate with the newspaper in accomplishing the task. Focus is now on the core values the newspaper brings to its readers.


The outset and need for new communication

Jyllands-Posten has won prizes, knocked government ministers off their perches and faced threats for daring to ask tough questions. Its solid reputation aside, like other news providers the newspaper is not immune to consumer trends – and Danes are increasingly unwilling to pay for quality journalism, instead using sources like Facebook as their primary news channel.


Analytical insights

The survey results provided a base from which to revitalise Jyllands-Posten’s brand and, in particular, showed readers value critical thinking – a quality that has always been the essence of Jyllands-Posten – and will continue to be. With questions, the newspaper’s journalists inquire and investigate, and make difficult cases and problems easier to understand. At the same time it’s now more relevant than ever that news readers question what they see in the media and remain critical and curious about the world around them.


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“Kunde & Co has succeeded in creating a megaphone for the values that the newspaper represents – credibility, independence, knowledge and nationwide coverage.”

Esben Kolind Laustrup

General Manager, Jyllands-Posten


The question as the weapon

The new concept uses the question itself as the key element in communication and as the main weapon for finding answers – ensuring the newspaper’s powerful legacy and history continue. This is illustrated by putting the words “Ask questions…” in front of its well-known pay-off “If you want to know more”.


A far-reaching campaign

The new communication is simple and dynamic, and is conveyed on different communication channels. During launch, Jyllands-Posten introduced new editorial initiatives, based on “Ask questions”, and wrote several series of articles focusing on the importance and relevance of journalistic core values at a time where many seek the real and pure version of the truth.


What we delivered

  • A TVC and concept film targeting users
  • Print ads, insert and outdoor advertising
  • A campaign page and banners on
  • Positioning messages for social media supplemented by segmented offers, as well as editorial activiation of Jylland-Posten’s content

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