Rovensa Next

Let’s grow greener

From ten brands to one global pioneer

Rovensa wanted to unite ten brands into one, build a new position as the leading pioneer in bio solutions for agriculture and mobilise and activate both employees and external key stakeholders around this new, unified brand. Working closely with Rovensa, we developed a new and differentiated positioning through “Let’s grow greener”, a new visual identity and new company values to unify all employees under one brand.

How it began

Macro challenges called for a re-positioning

With farmers facing global challenges posed by climate change and an increasing need for sustainable solutions, Rovensa Next aimed to strategically reposition itself as the go-to partner in the agriculture industry. The task was to navigate the complex process of consolidating then bio solutions brands into a cohesive entity.

Developing the solution

A new pioneer in agriculture

Based on initial insights, we developed and tested different value propositions to identify which values resonated best among the key stakeholders – and developed five creative concepts and positioning directions to gather input on which creative angle was the most appealing.

To fulfil the new brand vision of shaping a sustainable future for agriculture, the new brand Rovensa Next was created with “Let’s grow greener” as the new concept and the foundation of the new brand.

The outcome

Sustainable transformation partner

Rovensa Next has become a leading global company in sustainable crop control, management, and protection. Alongside achieving a strong market position as the pragmatic sustainable pioneer within innovative bio solutions for agriculture, they created a joint internal movement where everybody works to shape a more sustainable future for agriculture.

The new brand concept “Let’s grow greener” was launched at a big internal two-day event where the top 500 employees from the ten companies were gathered in Madrid, Spain, in 2022. After this, a global external campaign was initiated across various digital channels and at local conventions and fairs worldwide.

Through the process, we managed to align all the different opinions and companies around the world, created excitement and got all behind the new concept– and that in only nine months. Not many believed we could manage this when we started, but with a dedicated and engaged strong internal team together with Kunde & Co we did.”
— Julia Herpel, Head of Marketing

About Rovensa Next

Rovensa Next was established in 2022 and is rooted in ten different agricultural companies with individual legacies worldwide. Today, the company has 2,000+ employees across 41 offices globally and is a leading pioneer in bio solutions for agriculture.

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