Let’s close the gap

Taking lead on sustainability with a purpose-driven brand positioning

The task for Ramboll was to take lead on sustainability within their industry and to activate a more purpose-driven position that could set them aside from competition. The solution became a unique brand position platform with an outset in Ramboll’s strategic direction as a company and with the ability to be mobilised across multiple internal and external levels.

How it began

How to stand out in a crowded landscape of sustainability initiatives?

In February 2022, Ramboll unveiled its transformative corporate strategy centred on sustainability: ‘The Partner for Sustainable Change’. Ramboll aimed to take the lead on sustainable transformation within their industry, driving change for clients, stakeholders, and society. But being a ‘change partner’ in itself was more of a shared ambition among industry peers, rather than a unique one. So, Kunde & Co was tasked with identifying and developing a winning, purpose-driven position within sustainability to help differentiate Ramboll from competition.

Developing the solution

‘Let’s close the gap’ to a sustainable future

The final brand position was crafted based on extensive strategic analysis of competition, the general market, +30 interviews with clients and partners, and a quantitative study with +460 decision-makers in relevant industries. With an outset in all insights and the unique capabilities of Ramboll’s proven track records and lasting client relationships, the final brand position became ‘People at the heart of sustainable change’.

To activate and unfold this in an engaging and impactful manner, the conceptual ‘brand positioning platform’ became ‘Let’s close the gap’ – an inviting universe, emphasizing an optimistic urgency and centred around  the industry-wide challenges on sustainability. The platform was mainly unfolded across four key sustainability topics and with a visual take that portraits the different ‘gaps’ in our world.

The outcome

A 360° activation and mobilisation

From the get-go, the ambition was to activate the new brand position- and platform across multiple ‘mobilisation tracks’. An external positioning campaign targeted commercial audiences across social and prominent online business media  – these channels were further supported by out-of-home print and video material and a TV commercial was aired in selected markets. A dedicated thought leadership track was rolled out through a series of expert videos within the same universe. Finally, the platform was also unrolled on dedicated tracks for talent attraction and internal activation to make the employees advocates for the position as well.

The campaign ultimately exceeded all KPIs across channels and internally, the work sparked significant internal enthusiasm and pride with employees eagerly sharing it on their own platforms. A brand survey showed increases on both awareness, preference and relevant brand perceptions such as being a “leader in sustainability”. Finally, Ramboll moved into top 20 in the 2023 Yearly IFO Image analysis (from rank 29 in 2022 to rank 18).

About Ramboll

Ramboll specialises in architecture, engineering, and consulting services; renowned for its innovative solutions and expertise in shaping sustainable environments worldwide and employing 17,500 people across 35 countries

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