Mergers & Acquisitions

In most instances, acquisitions and company mergers demand a thorough evaluation of market implications. How will the new situation influence brand perception and value, and what will be the appropriate brand architecture and strategy?


We focus on aligning the merged entities within a thought-out brand architecture, ensuring your market presence is as strategic as the merger itself. This mapping is the foundation for building a new brand framework and concept which strengthens and redefines your position in the market.

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Our perspective

Attention to market value

In mergers and acquisitions, the potential for brand transformation is huge, and not something that should be left to chance. Overlook the opportunity, and you risk losing a chance to redefine your brand’s influence in the market.

Strengthening brand value in the M&A process requires a profound grasp of market trends and the competitive landscape. A nuanced understanding of how customers see your brands today, combined with strategic foresight, to steer the brand towards tomorrow’s success. It’s a blend of art and science, where the art lies in building a new brand narrative and the science in mapping out the market impact.

With our insights you can make strategic decisions that will help position your merged brand to come out stronger. Because it is only with the the right set of insights – about your brands current value and the impact of various future scenarios on customers and employees – that enables the appropriate brand integration strategy.

What we do

Market analysis & brand assessment

Using research, internal workshops, client interviews and surveys, we help map and decode the true brand value, recognition and preference for each of the brands affected during a merger or acquisition.

Brand strategy & positioning in M&A

Our thorough analysis and stakeholder engagement help define the strategic direction post-merger or acquisition, deciding on brand consolidation or not and organising them within an effective brand system, whether through co-branding, stand-alone brands or a third.

Brand narrative & creative concepts in M&A

To build a brand narrative that reflects the merger’s new chapter, we blend strategic insights with creativity to develop and test concepts that unify and differentiate your brand in its new reality.

Brand identity, design & naming in M&A

Post-merger, we refine your visual identity, to reflect a unified brand system, whether it’s streamlining across co-branding or introducing an entirely new one-brand approach.

Brand architecture & governance in M&A

Tailoring brand architecture post-merger, we ensure a coherent branding approach that meets diverse customer demands while reinforcing your newly unified market presence and clarifying the brand hierarchy.

How we work

The inside-out and outside-in approach in M&A

Our brand-building process is designed to create a cohesive and stand-out impact, especially critical during mergers and acquisitions . With our inclusive method, the journey towards the final solution will always include the right set of stakeholders, both from the merging entities and the market. We dig deep to understand your merged business’s combined identity and trajectory, uncovering challenges and opportunities that will define your brand’s new position. Together, we explore the merged identity: the origins, the combined culture, the customer experience you aim for, and the distinctive value proposition you aspire to establish.

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