Renewal and recognition

Consistency is the cornerstone

Rosendahl Design Group wanted to strengthen its individual brands by emphasizing a distinctive creative universe for each. To breathe new life into several of the group’s brands, we worked with Rosendahl to implement previous analysis and strategy to develop a set of compelling seasonal campaigns to strengthen each brand’s value proposition.

How it began

Staying true to each brand’s DNA

Since its foundation in 1984, Rosendahl Design Group by Erik Rosendahl has acquired multiple design and interior brands, becoming Denmark’s leading design house.

For the past few years, we worked with Rosendahl to help optimise their brand portfolio and create strong differentiators between brands to strengthen their value propositions.

After the first campaign in 2021, the plan was to continue building on the creative universes. To develop two independent campaigns for the five biggest brands: Rosendahl, Kähler, Kay Bojesen, Holmegaard and Lyngby Porcelæn while maintaining each brand’s DNA and core story.

Developing the solution

Building on creative universes

Within each brand’s overall concept, we launched the first campaign that ran during spring and summer. Based on insights gained from our previous analysis and strategic work, we created clearly defined concepts with four to six key visuals for each brand’s creative universe and some of its core products.

The second campaign ran during the Christmas season. The concept “Christmas wishes from Rosendahl” was developed to bring all the different brands together under one unified story but maintain each brand’s unique concept and story. We ensured each brand’s individual visual style was expressed within the boundaries of the design house’s overarching universe.

The outcome

A strong foundation for future stories

To sustain the solid branding efforts, we distributed both campaigns in broad, high-impact media such as print ads and motion content for social media. By communicating consistently throughout its entire brand portfolio, we helped Rosendahl Design Group succeed in strengthening the brand’s core business. As new stories and products are added, the universe with its new layers, will continue to express the diversity and creativity of each brand in Rosendahl Design Group’s brand portfolio.

About Rosendahl

Rosendahl Design Group is a family-owned design company founded in 1984 by Erik Rosendahl, consisting of eight iconic Danish design brands: Rosendahl, Kay Bojesen, Kähler, Holmegaard, Lyngby Porcelæn, Bjørn Wiinblad, Juna, and Arne Jacobsen Clocks.

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