Insight you can count on

Creating a sharper profile

Børsen wanted to attract a more diverse readership and appeal to young professionals, while staying relevant to core readers. In collaboration with Børsen, we conducted an extensive analysis to capture internal and external insights on brand perception. We developed a unique brand positioning concept “Insight you can count on” and launched an integrated campaign across multiple channels.

How it began

Sharpening Børsen’s position

After five years of working to develop the journalistic product and strengthening its independent and rigorous fact-based reporting, Børsen wanted to communicate its offering in a way that cemented its position as the choice of media for those who want fact-based and independent news you can count on. The task was to understand Børsen’s current position in the marketplace, evaluate the future of the brand, and develop a concept to appeal to a broader, more diverse target audience.

Developing the solution

An extensive analysis with external and internal perspectives

Together with Børsen, we conducted an extensive brand test with 2,000 respondents that investigated how Børsen’s core readers, potential readers, and a representative share of the market perceived the newspaper.

The research also involved internal respondents to understand where the employees and journalists saw Børsen today and in the future. This extensive data foundation provided the nuances and perspectives to balance renewing Børsen’s brand with the recognition and heritage necessary to retain existing core readers.

The outcome

Launching an integrated campaign

Combined with a unique identity and visual expression, we developed a brand concept “Insight you can count on” that brought this identity to life in a more modern way, bringing vitality to the brand.

To create the most significant impact, the campaign was developed for multiple channels and in various formats, combining the brand and positioning-driving communication with the tactical offers that will drive short-term results.

Due to the flexibility of the concept, the campaign worked seamlessly across the entire journey – from positioning Børsen as an independent, trusted newspaper to creating awareness for Børsen’s products, as well as driving new subscribers and attracting new customers.

Kunde & Co has truly managed to bridge a comprehensive and thorough analysis with the creative execution that really captures the core of Børsen, bringing us into a new era, where we can appeal to more customers and make ourselves relevant for a larger audience”.
— Simon Dahi, Marketing Director

About Børsen

Børsen is Denmark’s leading financial newspaper with more than 125 years of independent reporting, covering topics within society, economics, finance, politics, business, technology, and sustainability.

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