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How do you make your brand a magnet for top talent and employee loyalty? We specialise in developing distinctive employee value propositions, not just to attract new talent, but also to instil a sense of loyalty and pride among your current workforce. Even in your external branding efforts, the right type of employee advocacy and engagement can bring authenticity and impact.

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Empower your brand, engage your employees

We believe that true brand strength lies in the hands of your employees. By instilling a sense of purpose and alignment, employees can become passionate brand advocates. The employees must understand their role in the overall brand story, they must feel empowered by it and they must be enabled to become true brand advocates.

In today’s competitive job market, it’s important to attract and retain talent by offering a distinct value proposition tailored to employees’ needs. To feel loyalty to a company, employees need to develop a sense of purpose, loyalty, and satisfaction. They must recognise their contribution to customer value and their impact on the company and society in general.

Research shows that inspired employees are more likely to recommend their company to others. This emphasises the importance of communicating a credible purpose to your workforce.

What we do

Employee value proposition (EVP)

We develop strong EVP’s that align your values, work culture and market reputation into a cohesive narrative, reflecting your overarching brand position and enforcing employer branding.

Candidates value proposition (CVP)

We develop your CVP to attract, engage, and improve your talent pipeline, ensuring it resonates with both candidate expectations and your company’s core values.

Employee advocacy

Mobilising your employees to become brand advocates is an often untapped potential in external brand building. We help create content and guidelines for employees to share, promoting your brand with authenticity and relatability.

Employee brand activation

From large-scale internal kick-off events to smaller campaign launches or brand workshops, we design employee experiences that make an impact and drive engagement.

How we work

An inclusive value-led approach to employer branding

We believe that any successful employee engagement project relies on a holistic approach that ultimately caters to six core principles; Top Management are the ones to take initiative, own and drive the change; Information alone won’t cut it, driving employee change comes from true engagement and experience with the brand; It’s vital to maintain continuous employee involvement and feedback loops, it’s never a one-off; Even your employees consist of different target groups, each potentially requiring a tailored approach; Leaders must keep employees engaged with ongoing communication and sometimes, larger internal campaigns are necessary to boost this engagement; Guide the way for your employees with clearly defined short- and long-term objectives.

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