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How do you improve marketing success for product and services? While the success of a product naturally relies on its unique features and benefits, effective product marketing is essential to connect and win over the right audiences.


Whether it’s for a business-critical product launch or a wider optimisation of your portfolio positioning, our customer-centric approach is geared towards developing value proposition designs, product concepts and product marketing strategies for your offerings.

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Command your product’s presence in the market

In the words of renowned Harvard Professor, Clayton Christensen, as much as 95% of new product launches fail. While various factors contribute to this statistic – from lack of growth to performance shortcomings, the role of the right marketing strategy should not be underestimated.

Despite heavy investment in product development, the importance of establishing a strong product concept often takes a back seat. This can prove costly in the long run, as it leaves space for competing products to claim market dominance.

The need for profound understanding of what sets your product apart in a crowded market never ceases to be relevant. Even your core offerings need ongoing refinement to command their space in the market and ensure lasting success. Compelling product concepts and sharpened product marketing are essential tools to achieve this goal.

What we do

Market analysis & product positioning

We combine a thorough understanding of product features, business objectives and competitive benchmarking with a range of marketing disciplines to identify the winning market position for your product.

Creative product concepts & campaigns

We specialise in transforming complex technical features into engaging communication. Through the development and testing of product concept prototypes, we refine solutions to resonate most effectively with your target audience. With the product concept solidified, we develop tailored campaign architectures and activations across various channels and formats.

Portfolio assessment & naming

We offer expertise in curating portfolios to positively affect your brand positioning and messaging. Based on customer relevance and brand equity, we can help revitalize the portfolio’s potential – whether the need is a full re-brand, a new naming strategy or alike.

Value selling & value proposition design

We uncover your product’s distinctness and translate it into the cornerstone of future product communication. By identifying the most valuable messages, structuring them for each segment and connecting them to the overarching product concept, we develop a framework to articulate the product value in a cohesive and customer-centric way.

Launch strategies for new products

To harvest the full commercial potential of a product launch, we help you turn complex product features into intuitive and impactful communication. We help in creating awareness, building excitement and supporting sales efforts throughout the launch process.

How we work

The discipline of product conceptualisation

Even the best products need a strong communication concept to succeed. Its great features are no use if you can’t explain what makes it unique and get the story across to the customer. We believe in the discipline of product conceptualisation, ensuring clarity and conveying uniqueness and value to customers.

Our approach is guided by key principles;

Understand what makes the product unique and how to communicate that insight in a credible and compelling way; understand what drives the audiences and influencers in the target market; conceptualise the core value of the product; understand the customer’s decision-making process and develop valuable content for every moment of that journey.

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