Open up a new dimension

A concept for the biggest launch in Danfoss history

Danfoss wanted a product launch strategy and concept for the biggest launch in its history. After conducting extensive research with internal departments and industry experts, we developed an impactful communication platform that would resonate in the market. We created a message hierarchy, a strong-minded creative concept, and a clear narrative for “Open up a new dimension” to tell the compelling story behind the +10-year development of its iC7 Series of drives.

How it began

A decade of innovation

After more than 10 years of development, Danfoss wanted to communicate the transformative impact the iC7 Series would have in the long term. It needed a product launch strategy, concept, and go-to-market package to communicate all the advantages of its ground-breaking new drives – all while ensuring seamless and successful integration into the drives marketplace.

Developing the solution

Unlocking the potential of the iC7 Series

Following an in-depth process, we collaborated with Danfoss Drives marketing communications team to turn the many new features and technical specifications into impactful communication, revealing to the market the revolutionary nature of the iC7 Series.

To enable this communication process, we carried out in-depth interviews and research with experienced engineers and expert employees to align Danfoss knowledge of the market reality.

The outcome

Looking to the future

The “Open up a new dimension” concept we developed not only instilled pride internally but also laid the groundwork for future releases. The iC7 Series faced delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic and supply chain disruptions. But despite this, together with Danfoss Drives, we executed a successful grand digital launch to their top 500 customers, complemented by industry-specific launches and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the production line.

Balancing C-Level communication and product complexity, the collaboration ensured clarity in comprehensive, data-driven communication and future-proofing strategies in challenging circumstances.

Kunde & Co has been with us from the start of looking into launching the iC7 Series externally, and together we have developed a solid communications platform. They have been a strong partner in truly understanding the depth of the product and the related applications, and in helping manage the content creation process within the organisation.”
— Gina Dyrvig Mentz, Head of Sales & Marketing for Danfoss Drives Denmark

About Danfoss

Danfoss is a global leader in energy-efficient solutions within mobile hydraulics, heating and cooling, and variable frequency drives to control motors and power conversion, employing over 40,000 people in over 100 countries.

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