Phenomenal power

More emotion

Hägglunds needed to create a new naming system for its hydraulic motor portfolio, whose names have become very technical over the years. We conducted a series of workshops to identify possible solutions – from initial ideas to final names. The result was a consistent system with more emotional names and appropriate visualisation, ready for effective application in sales.

How it began

Hägglunds drives

As a quality leader in hydraulic drives and motors, Hägglunds wanted to move away from increasingly technical product names towards more emotional communication. The task was to develop a new, appealing, and consistent naming system to drive sales with marketing storytelling potential.

Developing the solution

The four scenarios

To achieve this, we set up a systematic process consisting of four workshops with all relevant internal stakeholders. In the beginning, we developed different naming systems, which initially consisted of hypothetical directions and were then narrowed down to four scenarios and a bonus scenario: Animals, classical mythology, people, natural phenomena, or ships.

These different scenarios were then assessed in terms of applicability and relation to the market and competition. ‘Phenomena’ proved to be the most popular scenario, as it perfectly connects the products with forces of nature and their inherent power.

The outcome

Building a compelling visual identity

We then assigned a suitable natural phenomenon to each Hägglunds hydraulic motor. Starting with the name Atom for the smallest, and for the more powerful motors, we found other names such as Quantum and Fusion.

Once the names were decided, our design department developed a suitable visual style using powerful but simple symbols for each phenomenon, perfectly connecting the products with the forces of nature and their inherent power – a concept unique in the market.

Hägglunds is now ready to tell a new and truly phenomenal story.

Our new naming system is working. We have been able to align very quickly internally and the market has responded well to our new powerful and more memorable communication”.
— Liselotte Strandberg, Marketing Manager, Hägglunds

About Hägglunds

Hägglunds is a Swedish company specialising in powerful, large-format hydraulic drives and motors. Since 2011, it has been part of the Bosch Rexroth Group, a German drive and control technology group with around 31,000 employees worldwide.

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