The value of good advice

A question of trust

Velliv wanted to have a clear position in the market as a competent pension company with a human approach. To achieve this, we developed the concept “The value of good advice”, along with a media strategy, and awareness campaign in order to retain existing customers’ loyalty and attract new customers.

How it began

Standing apart

The goal of the project was clear from the beginning. Velliv wanted to establish trust in its product offering and be perceived as a helpful pension company. Additionally, they wanted to stand apart from competitors by positioning the company as customer-owned.

Developing the solution

A focused effort

We developed several hypotheses to identify the right solution to fulfil Velliv’s goals. Test elements included concepts, communication, and key messages. These were tested on more than 1,100 respondents. The result was clear – new communication should focus on noticeable results, competent advice, decency, and a humane approach.

A new campaign concept, ‘The value of good advice’ was developed to help cement the new position. It highlights Velliv’s focus on offering competent pension advice through personal Velliv advisors.

The outcome

A targeted campaign

To achieve the goal of ‘trusted pension partner’, it was crucial that the first campaign communicated tangible deliverables. We focused the campaign and the media with the highest reach around the target group of professional decision-makers. This included TV spots on both TV2News and TV2, ads in the newspapers Børsen and Finans both on- and offline and LinkedIn ads.

We chose to partner up with Kunde & Co because of their strong strategic and analytical approach to an interesting target group that is challenging to reach. We are extremely satisfied and now we have a durable, credible and unique platform that elegantly builds on both our core story and values.”
— Lotte Bork Ferraro, Head of Marketing & Customer Experience at Velliv

About Velliv

With more than 350,000 customers, Velliv is Denmark's third-largest commercial pension company. In 2018, the association behind it bought the majority of shares from Nordea Life Holding AB and changed the name to Velliv that October.

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