Much more than a sofa

Creating growth

Eilersen wanted to develop and build a strong brand position to create international growth. Working closely with Eilersen, we developed a focused brand strategy, an effective marketing system, and a creatively strong communication universe, which should ensure that Eilersen was not only a nice designer sofa, but also a strong and cool brand.

How it began

Consistent renewal pays off

A clear direction and a consistent strategic focus have been evident throughout the 14 years of our collaboration with Eilersen. This steadfast approach has paved the way for developing a new marketing strategy and creative concept.

The comprehensive preparatory work has since formed the foundation for Eilersen’s growth journey and for the work to continually renew and strengthen Eilersen’s market and brand position without compromising the brand and marketing strategy.

Developing The Solution

Creating brand awareness through 14 years

Ever since the first campaign we created together, an important strategic element has been that Eilersen as a brand should constantly surprise, evolve, and create awareness with its campaigns. The first creative concept was dramatic, beautiful, and eye-catching and helped Eilersen to stand out, create brand awareness and prefrence, and position Eilersen as a sofa, that expresses a personal statement about design and good taste. With the next theme ”Originals only”, notes of Danish design and Nordic aesthetics were added to the first experience universe. The latest theme “Take your time” embraces the modern consumers’ need for time and reflection, still executed in the well-known playful creative universe adding new dimensions to the Eilersen brand.

The Outcome

Stronger position, year after year.

A well-thought-out creative execution guarantees an impactful and seamless recognition across on- and offline channels and ensures all Eilersen campaigns a spellbinding branding effect.

Eilersen has experienced sales growth over the past 14 years and has tripled its turnover since the collaboration started, thanks to a strategy and a creative universe that expresses the essence of the Eilersen brand.

The ambition of each Eilersen advertisement is to tell an inspiring story and emphasise that an Eilersen sofa is something quite special.”
— Nils Eilersen, Owner

About Eilersen

Danish design and sofa manufacturer founded in 1895 by Nils Eilersen, who was a coach maker. Since the 1930s, Eilersen has made high-quality furniture craftsmanship, and the company’s quality sofas are sold today in more than 20 countries.

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