Your skin. Our future. 

Neutral still cares

Neutral wanted to extend their brand proposition within sensitive skincare health to include environmental health. As a long-term partner, we worked together to build a powerful creative universe that highlighted the connection between skin sensitivity and sustainability in the concept: “Neutral cares for sensitive skin and the environment”.

How it began

Sustainably-focused sensitive skincare experts 

With the recent rise of private labels in the home care category, Neutral wanted to modern itself as a brand that not only cares about sensitive skin but is making decisions for a better environment. The task was to introduce sustainability in its communication universe and create an eye-catching campaign to drive awareness and solidify its position in the Scandinavian market.

Developing the solution

Message duality captures strong market position 

We saw an opportunity to communicate Neutral’s modernised brand proposition with powerful symbolism between personal care and care for nature. A creative concept was devised, drawing an analogy between the human body and a glass. Overexposure to certain ingredients was likened to developing allergies, with the metaphor of the glass overflowing.

Likewise, the environment reflects our care efforts. We developed messaging around product innovations within sustainability, such as the use of biodegradable ingredients and recycled plastic bottles. This formed the basis of the new campaign: “Neutral cares for sensitive skin and the environment” with compelling visuals focused on families and youth.

The outcome

Neutral’s brand proposition connects personal care with sustainability 

Together with the activation line, “Your skin. Our future”, we created the main campaign element, a 20-second TV spot. It was adapted to each Scandinavian market (Denmark, Sweden, and Norway) and versioned for use on digital platforms, social media and digital out-of-home platforms.

This campaign represents a continuation of a longstanding partnership, one of many collaborations between Neutral and us that began in 1998.

About Neutral

Neutral, part of Unilever, was founded over 25 years ago. It develops, distributes and markets household and personal care products suitable for sensitive skin with reduced risk of allergies and hypersensitivity.

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