Ege Carpets

A true sustainability leader

Activating sustainability

Ege Carpets’ efforts within sustainability are exceptional, but the company lacked a concept and a framework to effectively communicate its sustainability story to the market. The development of a new Sustainability Intent changes that.

How it began

A hidden secret

Sustainability is literally woven into Ege Carpets’ products and mindset. Engaged in sustainability since 1996, they are one of three leading global companies in its category within sustainability and have received a top 1% platinum score from EcoVadis as proof of being one of the world’s most advanced companies within CSR. Despite being at the forefront of sustainability, Ege Carpets’ communication was focused on achieving a few sub-goals but lacked a unifying direction. The task was to create a framework and concept to showcase Ege Carpets’ sustainability work to strengthen its brand position.

Developing the solution

The Sustainability Intent

Utilizing Kunde & Co’s Sustainability Intent Model, we started together with Ege Carpets to identify and formulate a long-term ambition for the company’s sustainability efforts and outlined five main areas of action to form a framework. The model communicates Ege Carpets’ strategic sustainability mindset and belief in circular thinking. Within each focus area, Ege Carpets continuously initiates and implement a number of initiatives and actions, all of which contribute to the company moving closer to its long-term ambition.

The outcome

A new sustainability narrative

In collaboration with Ege Carpets, we developed films, a Sustainability Intent brochure and content for the website, SoMe and print, all of which convey and push the company’s new sustainability narrative to the market. The sustainability theme is woven into the branding campaign ‘Sustainable design at your feet’, which Ege Carpets runs across digital channels and in print media. Overall, step by step it strengthens both the knowledge of Ege Carpet’s great sustainability work and of their brand position.

Fighting carpet waste proves leadership

Carpet waste is the single biggest sustainability challenge the carpet industry faces. In Europe, only 1-3% of carpets are recycled. The rest find space in landfill sites or go up in smoke. Ege Carpets wants to fight carpet waste with Ege CircleBack, a new innovative take-back program and asked Kunde & Co to develop an impactful thought leadership campaign to underline Ege Carpets commitment to sustainability.

Developing the solution

The Carpet Manifesto

To create awareness and interest in the new product concept, it was decided to focus the campaign on the problem that Ege CircleBack solves, rather than on how it works, as this subject fits better later in the customer journey. This led to the development of the creative idea “The Carpet Manifesto”, which features the production of a carpet with the activist message “Stop Carpet Waste” and the Ege CircleBack concept narrative written on it as the key element.

The outcome


The creative idea has been brought to life with the campaign concept “Stop Carpet Waste”. Kunde & Co has, together with Ege Carpets, developed content for a web landing page, SoMe, web banners and magazine advertisements targeted at interior designers and architects. A “manifesto carpet” is produced and used to activate the campaign and communicate the CircleBack concept on fairs and in exhibitions.

About Ege

In Denmark and Scandinavia, Ege Carpets is a well-established brand and market leader. Outside the home market, however, the company doesn’t hold the lead.  The ambition with a new European campaign is to build a strong and distinct brand position for Ege Carpets. The new corporate concept “Sustainable design at your feet” highlights the company’s unique strength in design and sustainability and sets a clear direction for the brand position, Ege Carpets aims to win. 

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