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New brand platform comes to life

From research to activation

In a fast-moving and highly competitive industry of enterprise telco solutions, Telia Erhverv and Kunde & Co developed a new brand and communication platform based on sound research and insights from the target audience. The brand platform has since been activated through multiple omnichannel campaigns across segments ranging from small- and midsized companies to large enterprises.

How it began

Laying the foundation through a new brand platform

Telia Erhverv wanted to strengthen its brand position in the B2B market in Denmark with the development of a new brand – and communications platform. We carried out a market survey with the target group getting a deep understanding of the challenges and pain points companies of different sizes experienced. From that research one thing became clear: whether you are a market leader or just getting started you don’t want to bother with complex solutions. You want solutions that works seamlessly. This insight gave birth to the brand platform and promise “Nemmere med Telia Erhverv” (“Easier with Telia Business”). A platform that we in close collaboration with Telia needed to activate in all that we do – whether that be internally, on the website, through campaigns or in direct customer support.

Developing the solution

Launching the new Telia Erhverv brand platform

To launch the new Telia Erhverv brand platform, Kunde & Co helped develop and execute a large, campaign targeting key customer segments. The campaign concept centres on how Telia Erhverv makes everyday life easier for all businesses by simplifying workflows, providing easy access to simple, flexible, and innovative solutions, allowing businesses to concentrate on what they do best. The campaign also established Telia Erhverv’s understanding of the reality businesses of all shapes and sizes operate in and that there is no one size fits all when it comes to providing the best enterprise solution. In addition to the brand campaign, we also developed a campaign for Telia Erhverv’s new solution called “Teams Phone Mobile”.

The outcome

A portfolio to match the brand promise

After developing the new brand platform, Telia Erhverv decided to take the position one step further and together we helped anchor it across the entire portfolio, making sure that Telia Erhverv delivered on their new promise in the way that their products and services were described and visualised – making them easy to understand and with a clear customer value for the relevant segments of each product.

In close collaboration with the sales, commercial and marketing teams of Telia Erherv, all products and services were reviewed, and we developed new value-based descriptions that matched the new promise and positioning. The new descriptions were then implemented across all prominent customer touchpoints, such as the Telia Erherv website and across sales material.

About Telia Erhverv

Telia Erhverv is a part of Telia that offers enterprise telco offerings and digital solutions to companies of all sizes helping them achieve more seamless workflows for employees across the organization. For some customers that means providing access to the latest smartphones at fair prices while for others it means optimizing operations with Internet-of-Things solutions. No challenge is too big or too small. Telia Business is here to guide and support.

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