Leading change at work

Repositioning Ricoh in the digital space

After building a legacy in the office printing business, Ricoh now expands into the world of international digital services. We conducted a qualitative study which led to a creative concept, website rebuild, and thematic campaigns to help Ricoh change and solidify its position in the digital services market.

How it began

Identifying the challenges and conversation starters

We conducted qualitative desk research, defined key business topics, and investigated workplace challenges and concerns.

In close collaboration between sales and marketing, we identified the actual selling scenarios of Ricoh’s new offerings, matching each customer segment.
Each selling scenario consisted of eye-opening conversation starters, key questions, solution value highlights, and a reference case as a proof point.

Developing the solution

Standing out in the market

To demonstrate how Ricoh is driving workplace transformation, we developed the new creative concept, ‘Leading change at work’.

The creative use of a stage in the ‘Ricoh red’ is a campaign device to ensure Ricoh stands out in the market. The subjects referenced the breadth and diversity of customer challenges that Ricoh solves in the workplace.

The outcome

Activating Ricoh’s new position

To launch the new creative concept, an extensive web refresh of hundreds of pages was done.

And with each selling scenario in place, the creative campaign development could start on a solid commercial foundation. We developed segmented thought leader campaigns and more tactical product campaigns.

The campaign packages included key visuals, SoMe posts, ebooks, sales presentations, and more.

Kunde & Co is a trusted partner who dares to challenge the status quo. Their highly effective, solution-driven approach is key to supporting Ricoh in repositioning our business for the future.”
— Caroline Bright, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, Ricoh Europe

About Ricoh

Ricoh Europe was established in 1936 and provides document services, consulting, software and hardware to businesses around the world. Part of Ricoh Group which is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and operates in approx. 200 countries.

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