Better safe... than sorry

Dialogue campaign boosts Samsung’s B2B position

In this pivotal project, Samsung Switzerland aimed to open new sales opportunities for their cutting-edge flagship product: a flash memory featuring touch ID. Working with Samsung, we tailored the campaign “Better safe… than sorry” to address the rising demand for robust data security and encouraged audience feedback. Resulting in valuable customer meetings, it underscored the effectiveness of direct mail in an integrated marketing plan.

How it began

The art of staying in Touch

Samsung wanted to generate leads among information, communication, and technology managers to promote the world’s first fingerprint scanner-equipped Portable SSD T7 Touch. The task was to craft a direct mail campaign, rigorously tested in advance, with a narrative shaped by target group insights.

Developing the solution

An exclusive dialogue campaign

To directly addressing the core challenges of the recipients, we worked with Samsung to create a letter that spoke to the continuous maintenance of IT security in operations and protection against the possibility of stolen data through malware or other external system attacks.

We created the attention-grabbing tagline “Better safe… than sorry” to effectively capture the audience’s attention. The direct mail letter also included a sample copy of the new Samsung PSSD T7 Touch, inviting them to use it and share their personal feedback in a face-to-face session with a Samsung employee.

The outcome

High response rate from decision makers

Sent to 150 carefully selected decision-makers in major Swiss companies, the direct mails were complemented by a targeted social media campaign and newsletters to create a pull effect. The Samsung sales team diligently followed up on each lead.

Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, with many professionals working from home, the campaign resulted in approximately 26 valuable customer meetings, boasting an impressive response rate of nearly 20 per cent.

We are extremely satisfied with the impact of our campaign, which helped us to increase the visibility of our B2B solutions and led to 26 customer meetings with the potential to generate high-value projects. The direct mails were so well received that some customers even proactively asked for appointments and physical meetings – and that too in times of Corona!”
— Pekka Blanc, Marketing Manager, Samsung Switzerland

About Samsung Switzerland

Samsung is a global leader in technology, best known for its consumer electronics, but they also have a broad portfolio of products and solutions designed to increase employee efficiency, improve client engagement and simplify IT management.

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