Will we soon be able to forget Alzheimer's?

Partnering with Bottneuro AG

Samsung wanted to position itself as a strong hardware partner in the healthcare industry. They wanted to tell the story of their partnership with Bottneuro AG, a spin-off from the University of Basel, who are developing a new digital treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. Working closely with Samsung, we developed an impactful case study, leveraged by a video, engaging social media posts, and informative newsletters unfolding the narrative of the new innovative and potentially lifesaving partnership.

How it began

A new approach

There is currently no medication or other form of treatment that can prevent, stop, or cure Alzheimer’s or any other form of dementia. Bottneuro AG wants to change this.

Bottneuro AG’s innovative therapeutic approach combines digital solutions with a non-invasive form of treatment to enable patient-specific therapy. Bottneuro uses Samsung Galaxy tablets as its hardware.

Developing the solution

Taking a closer look

With Samsung, we developed an impactful and in-depth offline and online case study highlighting the partnership between Samsung Switzerland and Bottneuro AG. Together with a compelling video, engaging social media posts, and informative newsletters to enhance the overall experience.

The outcome

Samsung’s position

We successfully positioned Samsung as a strong hardware partner in the healthcare industry. The comprehensive approach we adopted through our in-depth case study yielded great results, helping a potential solution to a major global health problem, and promoting the partnership between Samsung and Bottneuro AG.

About Samsung

Bottneuro AG is a cutting-edge medtech startup focused on improving the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases and is developing a novel form of therapy for the treatment of Alzheimer’s with technical support from Samsung Switzerland.

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