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A unique philosophy makes the difference

New scientific insights and innovation meant it was time for Oticon to revisit and update its philosophy – BrainHearing which we helped create 10 years ago.

Working together with Oticon and their latest research, we created an engaging concept “The new perspective in BrainHearing” to convey the new evidence concisely and clearly, and at the same time, strengthen Oticon’s influence and position as a credible industry expert.

How it began

New research propels BrainHearing upgrade

In 2014, Kunde & Co was asked to help develop a story and concept to communicate the company’s market differentiation in research and audiology. The result was BrainHearing – a unique philosophy used as a starting point for all product development. Fast forward to 2020; Oticon had conducted extensive research that resulted in new evidence around hearing. To convey its findings and maintain its position as a thought leader in the research field, Oticon needed to communicate new and crucial evidence in hearing care and develop a concept with campaign elements for stakeholder communication.

Developing the solution

Unfolding a complex story for all to understand

Our job was to figure out how to turn this complex concept into an easy-to-understand narrative. The first step was to ensure key internal stakeholders were involved. In collaboration with Oticon, we organised interviews and workshops with researchers, audiologists and other experts and investigated all the latest relevant scientific articles and studies.

This new research illustrated how our brains need access to the full sound scene to operate naturally and how important it is for hearing aids to deliver the correct input to the brain. For this to happen, they must be able to deliver a good neural code and access to the full sound scene.

These insights were used to develop the concept ‘The new perspective in BrainHearing’. We created a simple, semi-academic visual universe, complete with new colours and illustration style to help bring the story together. Campaign elements included a concept brochure that presented the BrainHearing story from A-Z and a virtual, on-stage keynote talk, which provided the perfect platform to reinforce authenticity and create excitement around the topic.

The outcome

A secure foundation for new product innovations

The updated BrainHearing philosophy further cements Oticon’s know-how and position in the market and provides a platform from which to launch new products. The BrainHearing story’s launch served as a foundation for the release of Oticon More™ – a hearing aid that gives people with hearing loss access to the full sound scene.

About Oticon

Oticon is an industry-leading hearing aid brand with a mission to change the lives of people with hearing loss in more than 130 countries. Headquartered in Denmark and part of the Demant group, the company has more than 16,500 employees globally.

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