Flügger empowers customers to start new paint projects

The Scandinavian company, Flügger, designs and markets a wide range of products for decorative painting and wood protection, as well as filler and wallpaper and tools. The retail chain has 500 outlets throughout Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and China.


The task

In a highly competitive market, Flügger needed to analyse its DNA and re-think its communication and position.

The creation of an integrated Nordic communication platform has generated a strong digital presence and increased traffic to the website’s ‘Find store’ page.  

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A whole new philosophy of colour

Comprehensive analysis identified a market need for helping customers find the perfect colour to suit their need - and not just based on colours that happen to be trending at that particular time.

The result was a simple philosophy: The right colour for you is defined by your personal taste, the type of surface to be decorated, and the surroundings.


Bring your project to us and we will guide and help

Another core insight was the need for comprehensive support. The solution was a promise to customers that by starting their decoration projects with Flügger, they will have access to the best possible advice, tools and products at every stage.

This is clearly defined in the campaign payoff, “Starting your project in the right way will give you a better finish".



Empowering customers with expert advice

A key aim of Flügger is to empower its customers to achieve the best possible results. Based on a detailed mapping of the customer journey, Kunde & Co developed a series of “how-to films”.

These films were hosted on a dedicated YouTube channel, enabling Flügger employees to share their expert knowledge. To date, over 30 films have been made for the Nordic countries and Poland.

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Speaking directly to customer needs

The new concept was launched in 2015 as an integrated campaign for the Nordic countries. The campaign represented all kinds of paint projects, from simple and everyday jobs to more challenging and complex projects – projects that spoke directly to the core target group and underlined that Flügger can help them from start to finish.

An important campaign driver has been the strategic use of Facebook. The platform has been used to support a variety of communication directions and strengthen the brand’s overall positioning.

On top of this, more than 30 ‘how to films’ have been created for the Nordic countries and Poland. These films are hosted on Flügger YouTube channel, and integrated into other digital touch points, to create a direct link between the company’s expert employees and its customers.


What we delivered

  • Corporate and visual identity
  • Concept and positioning
  • Integrated campaigns
  • Social media films
  • Print ads
  • TVCs
  • YouTube channel with DIY films
  • Facebook page and content

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Jesper Kunde

CEO & Founder
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