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From product supplier to knowledge partner

CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomic Solutions is a global leader in IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) and reproductive genetics. It is a division of Cooper Companies and the result of a series of mergers & acqusitions of legacy-brands such as ORIGIO®, SAGE, Humagen, The Pipette Company (TPC), K-Systems, Research Instruments (RI), Wallace®, LifeGlobal® and CooperGenomicsSM.

The task

CooperSurgical Fertility & Genomics Solutions

Post mergers & acquisitions, CooperSurgical became the leading supplier of products for the entire Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) cycle. With a stronger and broader market position and larger, but more dispersed organisation, it needed to clearly define the value and direction of the new company.


One value proposition for a wide range of quality products

CooperSurgical had a wide range of products, but needed to create stronger synergies and communicate the value across their portfolio. Sales staff had yet to utilise the new ability to think across the entire ART cycle and to optimise IVF clinics’ workflows. Kunde & Co was asked to identify and develop a value proposition for the portfolio that would resonate with embryologists, lab technicians and administrators.


What is a value proposition process?

Together, Kunde & Co and CooperSurgical defined a process that would create the highest probability of identifying the right value proposition that would have impact in the markets and ensure organisational acceptance. The value proposition process was based on a high degree of cross-functional and cross-market involvement.

A six-step process:

  1. Desk research and understanding of market challenges and competitor value propositions
  2. Interviews with internal stakeholders worldwide to identify customer issues (pains and gains)
  3. Management workshop based on insights: customer issues, potential value propositions and key messages
  4. Workshop with project group to identify key customer issues, value proposition exercises and identification of value proof points
  5. Quantitative testing of potential value propositions amongst current CooperSurgical customers (embryologists, lab technicians and administrators) to understand what value proposition best represented the company today and which they should strive to represent in the future.
  6. Finalisation of value proposition and development of a brand value position that can communicate the value



A strong value proposition is based on key customer issues

When developing a value proposition it is critical to identify the key customer issues – and then pinpoint how the company is able to solve them. Using a pre-defined framework, Kunde & Co facilitated workshops where CooperSurgical zoomed in on the key customer issue and established how they are capable of solving it.

Increasing clinical complexities and many market-wide consolidations mean CooperSurgical is one of few companies able to draw on its ART process knowledge to partner with clinic-owners and drive clinic-wide efficiencies. This insight became the foundation for developing a clear, short and rational value proposition. The value proposition is an simple reminder of the direction of the new company, from which the organisation concentrates its efforts and commercial activities, such as brand position development.

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The brand value position: Bringing Knowledge to Life

The CooperSurgical value proposition is based on its unique knowledge of the entire ART process and its ability to deliver solutions and training for clinical challenges. While a value proposition is an internal and rational description of a company’s value, it is rarely fit to meet the customers and create an emotional connection. Hence, a brand value position is the external communication of the value proposition to the markets.

For CooperSurgical, the brand value position developed is summed up in the payoff: ‘Bringing Knowledge to Life’, which also represents the ultimate value CooperSurgical offers clinics and parents-to-be: higher pregnancy rates.


Project outcome and results

CooperSurgical Fertility & Genomics solutions has gone from product supplier to knowledge partner for IVF clinics around the world. The value proposition process has enabled its sales force to centre dialogue around customer challenges, rather than product features. The Kunde & Co process has also ensured the complete internal buy-in of the new value description and market position.


What we delivered

  • Value proposition
  • Value visualisation
  • Brand positioning
  • Corporate brochure
  • Corporate presentation

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