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Repositioning partial breast forms to truly support women’s confidence

German-based Amoena is the world leader in breast care, with a range of breast symmetry products that includes enhancers, lingerie, swimwear, nightwear, leisurewear and accessories. Established in 1975, Amoena is the originator of the silicone breast form.



The task

Amoena boasts an extensive range of high-quality partial breast shapers, products intended primarily to support women who have had lumpectomy surgery due to breast cancer in achieving breast symmetry. However, Amoena’s sales did not reflect the number and type of surgeries being conducted. It seemed women were either unaware of their options regarding breast shapers, or were deliberately choosing cheap alternatives – such as socks or bra pads – that do not offer the same levels of comfort or support.


Multiple target audiences – one concept

Before turning to Kunde & Co, Amoena had been working with various communication concepts for the same product range. As they rely heavily on distributors, Amoena developed one concept for distributor communications, separate from that for their customer-facing communications. Based on employee, customers, and distributor interviews, Kunde & Co ultimately identified the building blocks of one concept able to bridge these various target audiences.


Less is more

It was clear from Kunde & Co’s employee, customer, and distributor interviews that Amoena’s existing message surrounding their partial breast form portfolio was not resonating with consumers; technical, clinical, and feature-driven, it didn’t speak to women looking to overcome worries about breast asymmetry after lumpectomies. In its place, Kunde & Co developed a simple communication framework focused on the use benefits of Amoena’s various breast shapers, supported by proof points for each model.


From cosmetic fix to personal triumph

Based on the insight that even slight breast asymmetries are a significant mental burden for women who have undergone a lumpectomy, Kunde & Co developed a concept for the Amoena breast shaper portfolio that would elevate the products from mere cosmetic fix to symbols of personal triumph for women who have survived breast cancer.

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My Body My ____

“My Body My ____“ was the concept line that would be used to illustrate personal stories of actual breast cancer survivors who have regained their confidence after surgery. Kunde & Co activated this concept across both BTC and BTB elements, offline as well as online.

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Project outcome and results

Today, Amoena works with a simple communication framework and concept to market their partial breast forms. As a result of Kunde & Co’s insights and accompanying strategic work, there is no doubt about the emotional (and monetary) prosperity of the product category - they are truly more than just a cosmetic fix.


What we delivered

  • Internal and external qualitative interviews and analyses
  • Strategy for the product category
  • Creative concept
  • Concept brochure, BTC
  • Detail aid, BTB
  • Social media posts
  • Print adverts
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