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A marketing transformation journey to refresh the Wavin brand and bring it closer to its end-customers

Headquartered in Zwolle, The Netherlands, Wavin is a European leader in innovative and sustainable pipe solutions, and part of the Mexichem group. The company is present in over 25 European countries and employs over 5,000 people. Wavin has a strong track record in innovation that includes the development of the world’s first PVC pressure pipe in 1955.


Moving closer to customers

As part of its new corporate strategy, Wavin wanted to position the company closer to its end-customers while also aligning its international marketing initiatives.

In 2014, in collaboration with Kunde & Co, Wavin launched a Pan-European branding project, “Connect to Better”, to reinforce the Wavin brand in the minds of both the end-customer and employees.

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More than just products

Research by Kunde & Co’s consultants showed that much of the marketing and communication strategies from Wavin’s competitors was focused solely on products.

This gave Wavin an opportunity to differentiate itself by moving from product communication alone to emphasising how its solutions deliver value to end-customers.


Getting connected

To communicate more than just products, Wavin needed to qualify their brand story – what were they doing better than anybody else? The answer lay in Wavin’s ability to connect their customers to better plastic pipe solutions with innovative technologies.

Following analysis and creative work by Kunde & Co, “Connect to Better” was determined the personal and approachable direction to drive Wavin’s communication under a clear and unifying story.

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What we delivered:

  • Corporate concept and positioning 
  • Analysis of brand position 
  • Corporate visual identity
  • Ads
  • Mood films
  • Events
  • Digital elements

A successful launch

The inauguration of the “Connect to Better” concept took place at an executive meeting of 200 attendees in The Netherlands.

Following this meeting, the concept was launched locally at a series of events in all operating countries. With “Connect to Better”, Wavin created a durable, relatable narrative that could be implemented throughout the entire organisation.


Building a stronger market position

The “Connect to Better” concept has enhanced the market’s overall understanding and perception of Wavin while bringing all of the manufacturer’s operating countries closer together.

The concept not only support’s Wavin’s leading market position but also its thought leadership in providing innovative solutions in plumbing, foul water discharge, storm water management, and building heating & cooling.


The Facts

  • The “Connect to Better” concept was launched at an executive meeting in The Netherlands to over 200 people
  • Following it launch, the new concept was rolled out locally through a series of events in all operating countries
  • The branding concept is activated internally and externally through a range of communication channels
  • Wavin’s leading market position has been strengthened by a unifying and engaging concept that has bought its operating countries closer together

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