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A journey to a clear, purpose-driven organisation: Building Healthy, Sustainable Environments

Wavin is a global leader in plastic pipe systems and solutions for residential, public and civil engineering projects. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Wavin is part of Orbia, a community of companies working to tackle some of the world’s most complex urban challenges.

The task

To help launch a journey to becoming a purpose-driven organisation and play an active role in solving some of the world’s most complex water-related challenges.


A new agenda for a changing world

Looking at future population growth and ongoing environmental issues like droughts, flooding and heat stress, our underground drainage systems as they exist today will soon be pushed beyond their breaking point. That’s why Wavin is committed to building healthier and more sustainable cities – to do so; they went on a journey to define and communicate their purpose.


I am your city – the voice of the city

To set the external agenda, Wavin produced a film centred on the new purpose and how it relates to quality of life and the need to build better, longer-lasting cities. Presented as a documentary-style film, the story is seen from the perspective of a city looking for its citizens to change the way they create liveable spaces. The film first aired in September 2020 and has since been used in presentations, press releases and on social media platforms, gathering acclaim along the way. The film also aired at the Climate Adaptation Summit 2020, with global political leaders among the audience.


Defining the new framework

Wavin has set itself a clear ambition of making a difference and supporting the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To enable Wavin on this journey, Kunde & Co has helped them define its strategic purpose framework and the tangible actions required to support some of the UN’s 17 SDGs.

What strategy would boost the business and have a global impact on society? This line of questioning helped create four strategic purpose pillars with supporting proof points: Safe and efficient water supply, better sanitation and hygiene, climate-resilient cities and better building performance. Today, these pillars offer guidance to Wavin’s 10,000+ employees based in more than 30 countries.




“Kunde& Co has been instrumental for us in creating our new purpose movement – framing the concept and activating our internal and external communications. This has created impressive traction among our employees and external stakeholders. All in all, a top job from Kunde & Co!”


-  Frans-Jan van Rongen – Global VP Marketing & Branding, Wavin

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The internal activism - Speak Up. Stand Up.

Wavin introduced these four pillars, which outline the company’s new purpose, to all global senior management officials at Wavin’s 2020 Executive Meeting in Amsterdam. Here everyone was asked to distribute the new messaging to their respective teams. In addition, at the Executive Meeting, an internal campaign called ‘Speak Up’ was shown that focused on the understanding that Wavin was already on its way to building healthier and more sustainable.

Here everybody also received a booklet that aimed to help employees act as ambassadors when dealing with external stakeholders, which explained the new concept and described Wavin’s purpose, new business strategy and strategic goals.


Explaining Wavin’s contribution to the external world - Make every decision count

The second film is seen from the perspective of a landscape architect walking around a city. He reflects on some of the solutions we need to implement today for future generations to succeed – That is why every decision counts. The second film aired in November 2021 and has, as well as the first film, been used in presentations, press releases and social media platforms, gathering acclaim.

With a new purpose inspired by and connected to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Wavin can better explain how they play an active role in helping cities tackle building and infrastructure challenges.


What we delivered

  • Purpose communication
  • Internal and external campaign
  • Concept booklet
  • Film
  • Testimonials

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