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Taking off – with a social media pilot

Uzin Utz AG, or simply UZIN, based in Ulm, Germany, is a traditional family business. What started as a glue producer in 1911, developed into an international provider of floor solutions. The UZIN brand offers various floor-laying systems for screed, floors and wood flooring and is competing against products from diversified big corporations.



The task

While competitors have access to communication strategies and budgets of larger dimensions, UZIN is a specialised hidden champion who must use quality, innovation and precision to convince customers – especially in their communication. Therefore, the task for Kunde & Co was to assist UZIN in gaining a strong social media position in a very competitive market.


In the beginning… there was an audit

UZIN wanted to be able to reach existing and potential new customers, also through social media. Kunde & Co was assigned with the implementation of a social media pilot, with the goal of a consistent international adaptation. As we wanted to be as efficient and effective as possible, we started with comprehensive research. Our first step was a social media audit, which identified and examined all possible channels, analysed the communication of the competitors and then identified relevant topics and contents.

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Systematic development – starting in Germany

Based on the results, we developed an ensuing strategy and handbook, which serves as an internal guideline and support for the international adaptation in the different countries. At an international marketing workshop, we presented our approach — and after receiving excellent feedback, we went ahead with the implementation. As a pilot project we suggested a Facebook platform for the German market, which is now filled with content since then.

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From zero to a thousand: All benchmarks exceeded

Launched in summer 2017, the Facebook platform exceeded all defined targets within the first two months: We generated 1,000 followers and thereby significantly strengthened traffic to the UZIN website. Also, the factual benchmarks improved considerably: The number of returning visitors rose by 6.2% and the number of sessions by 44.0%. At the same time, session duration also grew by 11.3% – all compared to the previous month. Thanks to precise planning and intelligent implementation UZIN is now able to make a convincing impression – also on social media.


What we delivered


  • Social media audit
  • Competition analysis
  • Development of strategy and guideline
  • International marketing workshop
  • Implementation of Facebook platform
  • Monitoring

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Bjørn Olsen

Partner - Country Manager, Germany
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