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Consistent communication creates strong results

The Danish Home Guard was established in 1949. Today, it has more than 45,000 volunteer members in the Army, Marine and Air Force Home Guard – 16,000 of them are active members.

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The Danish Home Guard

The task

Develop a new communication concept to inform the general public about the modern Home Guard’s role in society, create interest among a new generation of potential volunteers, and foster internal enthusiasm among existing voluntary Home Guard soldiers.

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One strong story

We created a balance between internal culture and external prejudices and expectations

The Danish Home Guard is driven by a strong culture and self-understanding, yet there is a gap between how it sees itself and how it is perceived externally. By involving all volunteers and an external target group in the concept development, Kunde & Co managed to find the right balance of military culture, information, self-knowledge and future ambitions to create one, unifying long-lasting story for the Home Guard.

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Consistent communication creates strong results

Within two years, one unifying story about the modern Danish Home Guard strengthened its image both in and outside the organisation, while creating renewed interest among potential volunteers.

One of the Danish Home Guard’s challenges has long been the outdated view of the organisation’s role by many Danes. In 2014, Kunde & Co was tasked with developing an information and recruitment campaign to tell the true story of the Home Guard’s importance to Danish society.

One strong story

The integrated communication concept is a convincing narrative, which came to life after an intensive development phase that included workshops, focus groups and tests.

All 45,000 Home Guard volunteers were given a chance to provide input on three possible campaign directions. More than a 1,000 Danes from the general population were selected to assess the concepts. Their answers clearly indicated how important it was for the Home Guard to tell a story that characterises the organisation’s efforts today, but which few Danes know about.

Now in its third year, the campaign has helped deliver an accurate picture of the modern Home Guard and its importance to Danish society and defence, while also creating interest among new volunteers.

One message across platforms

In 2014, the concept was rolled out across all touch points. Since day one, all communication has been based on the same concept and core messages. This way, the story remains consistent, increases the organisation’s reputation and fosters internal pride.

Coupled with the continuous campaign push, both off- and online, activating social media ensured continuous and qualified traffic to the Home Guard’s recruitment website, 

Volunteers become ambassadors

The volunteer testimonials play a fundamental role in communication. Through these very personal experiences the Danish public see the Home Guard as the organisation it is today, gaining an insight into its key tasks and its human face. 

Ongoing optimisation creates results

Since the campaign’s launch, consistent marketing efforts, from local recruitment events to mass communication, have successfully changed the Home Guard’s outdated perception. Significantly more people now believe the organisation benefits Danish society while the ongoing recruitment drive continues to show results. 

Part of the key to the ongoing recruitment success is the increased involvement of the target group on social media and more consistent messaging across all communication channels. Kunde & Co has continuously optimised the Home Guard's social media channels to increase impact. We have also cost effectively driven sign ups to the Home Guard’s website,, and reduced the total cost per sign up by 68%.


Be consistent!

The volunteers drive a consistent story about the modern Home Guard

Danish Home Guard volunteers are highly dedicated, therefore real experiences are used to paint a positive, credible picture of the organisation.

Despite major differences in tasks and cultures between departments, a clearly defined communication provided a way to activate many people’s stories, while strengthening their identity.


Media integration

Communication anchored in one strong concept creates impact across platforms

Since the campaign’s launch, all communication has been built around the same concept and core messages as identified through analysis. This ensures a consistent story and enhances the communication’s effect across platforms and channels.

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Communication Concept

Keeping effective and consistent communication in a large and diverse public organisation

By taking an analytical approach to solving its challenge, the Danish Home Guard identified a convincing core story to describe its role and value as a modern organisation in Danish society. This enabled it to align its many internal and external attitudes and expectations.


What we delivered

  • Internal member analysis
  • Image and repositioning analysis
  • Digital analysis & strategy
  • Focus group testing
  • Communication Concept
  • Integrated attitude changing campaigns
  • Responsive website
  • Social Media Strategy & Community Management
  • Tactical materials for local recruitment activities
  • Media strategy and implementation
  • Monthly brand tracking

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