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New campaign to lift recruitment potential

The Danish Home Guard is a voluntary military and emergency response organisation. With over 45,000 voluntary members and 16,000 active members, the Home Guard supports Danish military and civil emergency forces wherever needed – land, sea or air.


The task

The Danish Home Guard relies on volunteers and continous recruitment efforts are a crucial part of their marketing efforts. The primary task was to create renewed interest among potential volunteers, and to inform the general public about the modern Home Guard’s role in society.


Seeing the Danish Home Guard in a new light

The campaign needed to show a realistic image of what it means to be a member of the Home Guard, and how they practice and prepare for all kinds of challenges. It also needed to highlight its strong military foundation, as the organisation today solves a greater range of tasks through professional units with military profiles.

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New campaign built on solid insights and testing

The campaign is built on insights derived from an extensive target group analysis and testing of potential communication directions, among both existing volunteers and the general Danish population. This resulted in a new communication concept that we call ‘What we do today, prepares us for tomorrow’.


A new dimension to a consistent concept

Since 2014, the DHG has communicated the strong, consistent concept ‘Vi stiller op, når det gælder’, telling how they always step up to help and protect whenever needed. This time around, a new creative universe brought another dimension to the core concept, with an aesthetic campaign film as the key element to show the DHG in a new light.


Multiple channels to reach broad and primary target groups

The campaign was launched in 2019 in Danish cinemas to reach a broader audience. It also included outdoor elements primarily targeting the younger Danes at educational  institutions. This was further supported by cutdown versions on Adressable and WebTV along with segmented content for social media and an update of the existing recruitment site to fit the new universe.


What we delivered

  • Development of creative communication concept
  • Production of campaign film and three cutdown versions
  • Segmented social media content
  • Outdoor elements
  • Key visuals
  • Re-designed landing page

‘We have worked together with Kunde & Co for eight years now, and this is the second time we partnered up to create a larger scaled recruitment campaign. Once again, they’ve helped us capture the essence of what the Danish Home Guard is about and have shown it in a new and inspiring way that puts our dedicated volunteers at the forefront.’

Kristian Lykkestrand, Head of Communication and Press at The Danish Home Guard


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