A global retailer of sports shoes for both athletic and lifestyle consumers

The Athlete’s Foot® was established in 1971 in Pittsburgh, Pensylvania. As the first store of its kind in America, the chain later evolved into the world’s first sneaker-store franchiser. In 2012, The Athlete’s Foot® was acquired by INTERSPORT International Corp. At the moment, there are 471 The Athlete’s Foot® locations across 26 markets.


Development of global web platform for The Athlete’s Foot®

The task

Development of a global web platform to support the overall brand position and local marketing initiatives in 26 markets around the world.

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Overall digital strategy

  • Lift the existing global site onto a global CMS platform to allow for development of local websites for 26 markets as well as to create a stylish solution supporting the “Sport with style” position in every detail of every page. 
  • Secure capabilities that allow for global roll-out of campaigns for different sneaker brands, support local marketing activities and prepare for integration of local e-commerce activities.
  • One brand story and one brand position brought to life through one global web platform.
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The background

Cooperation between The Athlete’s Foot® and Kunde & Co began in 2012, when INTERSPORT International Corp. asked Kunde & Co to develop a strong brand concept for The Athlete’s Foot®.

Qualitative interviews, with internal and external web tests of 5,000+ consumers across six countries, improved understanding of the core target audience and made it possible to establish a sneaker specialist position with the concept, “Sport with style.”

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The solution

A flexible, responsive digital marketing platform built on the Sitecore Experience Platform, putting the brand in focus, supporting local adaptation and marketing efforts.

The web platform and developed design enable possibilities for integrating existing local web shop solutions. 


Conveying one brand story and position

The brand is clearly in focus on all pages, never obscured by the strong sneaker brands on display. Design is responsive so content is displayed optimally, regardless of the device being used.  

Over 60% of all visits come from smartphones, so the solution is optimised for mobile use. Many visitors are looking for the nearest store, so the store locator uses geo-targeting and map functionality.

A blog ensures that The Athlete’s Foot® can continuously publish new content, local or global, to support the sneaker specialist position and improve visibility of campaigns, product news, articles, events etc.

TheAthletesFoot_07_Iphone_IMG_MOBILE.jpg TheAthletesFoot_07_Iphone_IMG.jpg


13 local markets were empowerd by a marketing platform that provided a base for blog posts and campaigns - creating a tool for marketing new stores, sharing product news, showing products and helping customers find the nearest shop.

Results after the first month:

23% increase in average session duration

25% decrease in overall bounce rate


What we delivered

  • Digital analysis and strategy
  • Concept and UX
  • Structure and wireframing
  • Design and visual identity
  • Copy and images
  • UI guides
  • Responsive website
  • Editor user manual
  • Running support agreement

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Director - Digital
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