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Making Telia the family’s first choice.

A new position sets a clear direction for Telia’s consumer brand and lays the foundation for growth across mobile, internet, TV and streaming solutions.

The task

For many years, Telia has set the standard for what a telecoms company can and should offer. With their new brand strategy, marketing system and creative concept – they’ve done it again. The new direction is based on the role of digitalization in modern life, showing consumers Telia will always produce the right solutions for their needs. Furthermore, the new strategy and concept support Telia’s repositioning to become more attractive to Danish households.




“It was important for us to get a clear idea on precisely how we should position ourselves in the future and for this, Kunde & Co was the right choice. Their methodology is clear and very well tested and with their help we have now created a solid foundation.”

– Christian Preisler, Director of Branding & Marketing, Telia Danmark

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A broader profile

After starting life as a telephone and mobile network operator, Telia has now broadened its position so as to better meet the needs of the family segment – in addition to marketing itself as the telecoms company that knows exactly how to meet every demand. This guarantee is communicated in the new tagline: ‘For Your Way of Living’. This phrase expresses how families are as different as individual people – and how, regardless of your situation, Telia will always be on hand to provide the right solution.

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Built on solid insights

To find Telia’s new position, Kunde & Co carried out an analysis based on a study of 3,000 people. The study showed Telia needed to sharpen its brand in order to utilise its full potential. The analysis also allowed Kunde & Co to gather insights into the consumer journey including what changes consumers want from Telia as a brand. This led to the new direction and a new brand platform.

With five strategic pillars, a sharply defined position, new creative concept and clear goal in place, Telia was thus able to focus more time and effort on its future goals. Enabling the company to lay the foundation for a new generation of solutions designed to win over the most valuable customers.


Telia gives great advice

A new look and a more family-friendly tone of voice was needed to secure Telia’s clear and consistent presence in the market. For this to work ‘the Telia adviser’ was chosen to play a prominent role in all marketing campaigns and consumer touchpoints. Here, the adviser represents Telia’s dedication to helping consumers in the best way possible.


Greater market visibility

Today, Telia has a redefined marketing system that has given them greater market visibility while driving more traffic to all sales channels – online, in-store, and customer service. Telia has also seen rising interest among consumers across its mobile, internet, TV and streaming solutions.

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