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Simplifying the customer experience and increasing brand strength

Tandprotetikeren is with 25 clinics across Denmark, one of the leading specialists in developing dental prosthetics.



The task

Tandprotetikeren is one of the oldest and most renowned specialists within dental prosthetics in Denmark – but with time, the value of Trandpotetikeren relative to competitors was becoming less and less obvious. Coupled with different clinics having different types of presence and communication, it was time to unite and simplify the communication, for the benefit of patients and the brand.


One social platform and four key messages

The first task for Kunde & Co was to develop one unified presence on social media, instead of 25, from which Tandprotetikeren could communicate their value. For that purpose a communication framework with four key messages was developed, so each piece of content was effectively telling a part of the overall brand story.

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From brand to conversion

With increased traffic from social channels it was now needed to rethink the patient experience from the first point of contact to the final decision of contacting the clinic. Kunde & Co therefore developed a new website with much less technical information but with a simpler brand story and an easier way to conversion.


A brand for both patients and professionals

As part of the new brand experience, Kunde & Co additionally developed a separate journey for professionals whom Tandprotetikeren work closely with. From a dedicated LinkedIn track to a dedicated website-journey, dentists can now easily find the value that a collaboration with Tandprotetikeren can give them. This is part of the overall brand strategy to position Tandprotetikeren as “the professionals choice”.

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Brand first, across channels

Kunde & Co has supported Tandprotetikeren in repositioning their brand towards patients and professionals across online and offline channels. This means that, instead of individual clinics, the brand and its value across clinics, is now in focus. Coupled with a simpler user journey, patients both find and leave Tandprotetikeren with a smile on their face.

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What we delivered

  • Social media platform development
  • Brand concept development
  • Visual identity
  • UX design
  • Website development (drupal implementation)
  • SEO & SEM handling
  • Digital media handling
  • Ad-templates
  • Brochures and folders


Tandprotetikeren is today a modern, visually-driven, quality-brand. A higher focus on the brand, bigger formats, simple communication and easy customer journeys mean that we have increased the quality of our website traffic significantly. The target group is spending more time on the website, they visit more pages on the website, and we have 6 times more visitors on our website booking formular. We strongly attribute these results to the more visual website and our more coherent brand across digital touchpoints. 


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