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Strong campaign raises preference by 64%

Solar A/S in an international technical wholesaler of electrical, heating, plumbing and ventilation components. Solar has approximately 3,500 employees and subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the Faroe Islands, Belgium and Austria.


The task

To strengthen Solar’s position as Europes leading technical electrical and plumbing wholesaler of energy efficient products and solutions.

This was achieved by the development of the Blue Energy concept with both digital and face-to-face engagement.


Energy-friendly knowledge in an integration campaign

In 2012, Solar launched the biggest Blue Energy campaign ever in five markets.

The campaign was highly integrated with three main elements; the dialogue programme “Next Generation Installers”, the “Blue Energy Challenge App” aimed at installers and a truck packed with equipment crossing the length of Northern Europe under the name “Blue Energy on Tour”.


Next Generation Installers

Next Generation Installers was a dialogue programme developed to provide a platform to mature existing and potential customers. The programme was web- and mobile-compatible and trained installers using e-learning modules coupled with quizzes on energy efficiency.

Participants in the Blue Energy Challenge and visitors to Blue Energy on Tour were automatically enrolled in the programme – which proved to be a powerful marketing channel for promoting both initiatives. 

4,000 sign-ups during the campaign period.

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Blue Energy Challenge App

The Blue Energy Challenge App made it possible for installers to compete against each other on their energy efficiency knowledge.

The app was integrated with Blue Energy’s website and Facebook so that installers could see high score lists, write comments and challenge their colleagues or other companies.

3,000 downloads during the campaign period.


Blue Energy on Tour

As a final key element, Solar launched Blue Energy on Tour, which entailed a truck touring around Northern Europe for six months. The truck showcased Solar’s latest technologies and products through a number of interactive media elements such as iPads and a multi-touch table. As the tour was announced in each country Solar sellers had the opportunity to invite both existing and potential customers to visit the truck.

8,000 visits during the campaign period and numerous sales meetings.

Solar_Case_07_Tour_Truck_IMG_MOBILE.jpg Solar_Case_07_Tour_Truck_IMG.jpg


  • Strategy
  • Creative concept
  • Dialogue programme
  • E-learning
  • Emails
  • App
  • Event truck with POS elements
  • Campaign site
  • Print ads and insert
  • Web banners

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