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Creating purposeful engagement with the patient community

Sobi is a Swedish international pharmaceutical company that specialises in innovative treatments for rare diseases. Their biggest therapy area is haemophilia where they aim to achieve a leadership position in Europe, Middle East and Africa by providing two unique products to the market.



The task

Haemophilia is a rare inherited bleeding disorder where blood doesn’t clot as it should.

Due to the level of care needed and lack of support available, life can be challenging for both people living with haemophilia and their carers. For that reason, Sobi wanted to give back to these people by developing an online community with the aim of inspiring and empowering all people associated with the disease.


Establishing a digital community

Focus groups and internal workshops uncovered a potential in using digital media to forge closer ties between people with rare diseases across borders. The community was built with the intent of not letting anyone be held back by their condition – something that could only be achieved by sharing knowledge and co-creating solutions to improve life with haemophilia together.


One strong creative concept to align many fragmented activities

Creating a simple yet catchy creative concept quickly became the foundation for the online initiative. Many patient engagement activities already took place across the organisation, but since all of them were unbranded Sobi was loosing out on equity.

Creating a concept that could encompass all activities while still remaining relevant became critical. The concept was called Hello Haemophilia.

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Getting the digital ecosystem up and running

As the very premise of the community was to start a dialogue, the community was rolled out on Facebook. In addition, a simple website functioned as a knowledge hub and became a crucial component in securing traffic to and from the Facebook page. This was integrated into offline events such as patient congresses and charity events and other digital initiatives like Instagram.



Since its launch in November 2017 the focus of Hello Haemophilia has been to build the Facebook community into a large, global support network. And after being live for only seven months, the community has already grown to over 8,000 followers.

It’s here that patients, carers and health care professionals have shared their stories, feedback and questions, and with over 270,000 interactions, it’s clear that we’ve helped create a very engaged and committed community.

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What we delivered

  • A creative concept for patient engagement
  • Concept film
  • A global media plan and execution
  • Patient congress materials (booth design, stickers, cards, tablet presentations)
  • Congress activation ideas
  • Facebook community site
  • Quarterly reporting

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