A new brand platform and digital presence gives SimCorp a strong foundation for growth

SimCorp is a Danish software company established in 1971. The company employs more than 1,300 highly-skilled staff worldwide and provides the most integrated investment management system for asset managers, pension funds and insurance companies. Almost half of the world’s Top 100 investment managers use SimCorp’s product.

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The task

Develop a new brand platform and supportive elements, including a new brand story, visual identity, responsive website, company presentation and several integrated campaigns.


Building a new brand story

Brand research revealed an increasing demand for investment management software that ties together the different areas of a customer’s business.

SimCorp is the only player in the market that can truly claim to do this through its integrated suite of modules.

This simple insight forms the basis of the concept and positioning, and is articulated through the tagline: “One system for a complex world”.


A strengthened brand platform and redefined marketing strategy sets SimCorp on a path of global expansion

SimCorp is a Danish software provider whose clients include some of the world’s largest banks, insurance companies and pension funds. Europe is its stronghold where it is performing well. But SimCorp’s next big step is to take on the United States, where more than 40% of its target group is located. The US offers a huge growth potential for SimCorp, and the company is ready to take on competitors in this market.

To facilitate this process, Kunde & Co began with a thorough mapping of Simcorp’s current and aspired brand perception – from both its customers and employees. We also tested different communication angles and visual tonalities, while further research considered purchasing behaviour and future IT strategies. All these findings helped define the basis for SimCorp’s new platform and positioning.

A strong belief behind a unique core story

Analysis revealed that SimCorp’s integrated solution is unique in the eyes of customers. Its solution is a robust answer to the growing complexity of an investment management industry facing increasing regulation, disparate data, the use of new asset classes and demands for transparency.

All these factors call for an integrated IT infrastructure where the right information is available in real time to everybody. SimCorp is well positioned to deliver this as, unlike many of its competitors, it is a true one product company. All of its product modules connect seamlessly, helping to simplify and automate their customers’ businesses as they no longer have to work with a disconnected and fragmented landscape of systems. This story resonates with customers and employees alike, and is embodied in the tagline: “One system for a complex world”.

Aligning the visual, product and brand identity  

To showcase the interconnectivity of SimCorp’s different modules, we redesigned the product system to be more integrated. The new system illustrates how each module in SimCorp Dimension not only solves concrete tasks but delivers value through a unique connection to all other modules.

To support the new brand story, Kunde & Co also revised SimCorp’s visual identity to better reflect the company’s global and dynamic profile. The identity is represented as hexagons of the product system. This is incorporated in all SimCorp’s communication elements, including presentations, newsletters, photos, brochures, social media and promotions.

Improving digital branding and user experience

Kunde & Co also built a new website for SimCorp in a Sitecore 8.1 platform, with a responsive design for computers, tablets and mobile devices. The new website is integrated with SimCorp's CRM system, which means that both identified and unidentified user behaviour can be logged. This insight forms the basis for both a lead-scoring model and a behaviour-based user experience.  

The new website’s information architecture ensures SimCorp has a stronger digital presence, and allows them to cater to the questions and considerations of potential buyers. The architecture design is based on a series of interviews, studies and analysis of customer purchasing patterns. This new page structure means customers now stay 20.8% longer on the site and view 26.5% more pages. In addition, the website’s bounce rate has dropped by 18.8%

Adopting a theme-driven approach to marketing  

As with many B2B companies, SimCorp’s marketing has historically been driven by product upgrades and the launch of new services. But this approach often addresses the needs of current customers at the expense of potential ones.

An analysis of digital mentions and search patterns revealed that the majority of SimCorp’s potential customers are not ‘solution-aware’. Instead, they focus on certain industry themes and specific jobs they need to get done. Based on this insight, we overturned SimCorp’s approach to marketing planning to focus on themes instead of products and services. Based on a theme-centric approach, we now help SimCorp execute integrated campaigns across their website, emails, blogs, adverts, sales presentations, lead capturing content, social media and films.


Connecting products, brand and visual identity

Once aligned with the new brand story, Kunde & Co and SimCorp redesigned the product system to further emphasise the integration of its modules without compromising their individuality.

We then redesigned the company’s visual identity by utilising the shape of the hexagon from the product system. We also implemented a new font type, colours, key visuals and a graphical style.


What we delivered

  • Customer and market analysis
  • Corporate concept and positioning
  • New visual identity
  • Digital analysis & strategy
  • Responsive website
  • Updated product system
  • Company brochure
  • Company presentation
  • Animation for Nasdaq at Times Square
  • Integrated campaigns
  • Employer branding



A strong digital presence for the customer journey

To improve SimCorp’s digital presence and align the brand experience across touch-points, we developed a new responsive website. The delivery included UX, concept and design.

To qualify the solution, the process also included extensive persona identification and explanation, customer- and user-journey mapping and review, as well as prioritisation of the associated digital opportunities.

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