A changing market in beverage production challenged one of the industry’s biggest players to rethink their position

Sidel is one of the world's leading providers of full liquid packaging production lines. The company has more than 5,500 employees in five continents and installed more than 30,000 machines worldwide.

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Meeting the shift in customer demands

The industry for beverage packaging equipment has changed significantly in recent years. Historically, the vast majority of the market has purchase stand-alone equipment – meaning all components of a production line were bought individually.

But within the last three years, the sale of complete lines has increased significantly and now constitutes more than 50% of the market. This challenged Sidel – one of the industry’s biggest players - to consider how to address this shift.

Together with Sidel, Kunde & Co developed a complete line strategy – formulating the new concept before rolling it out across both analogue and digital touch-points.


A complete line is a complete solution

A crucial goal of the project was to define a concept and storyline that differentiated Sidel from its competitors.

Together with Sidel, we formulated a core story in which an integrated solution is not only about the equipment itself, but about understanding and knowing what it takes to deliver an integrated solution.


The journey from product-driven to market-driven communication

Markets are changing fast and the beverage production industry is no exception. While in 2010 beverage producers were to a large extent purchasing standalone equipment, this behaviour has changed significantly within the last three years. The market for complete lines – where all single pieces of equipment are put together into an integrated solution - has grown by more than 50%.

This market development challenged Sidel to strengthen their brand position and develop a clearer, more distinct story to stand out in the market as a complete line provider.

Building a comprehensive strategy

Sidel set out on a new direction: to formulate a reinforced positioning strategy, create a stronger and more consistent concept and build a coherent, integrated presence across touch-points. The ambition was to capture a bigger share of the market within complete lines. 

As Sidel’s strategic and creative partner since 2010, Kunde & Co was tasked to help Sidel define the strategy, formulate the concept and build an integrated go-to-market strategy.

A complete line is more than its parts

By analysing the market and its customer needs, it became clear that the best production solution means more than just equipment. It is a matter of expertise and understanding. Kunde & Co and Sidel formulated a core story in which an integrated solution is not only about the equipment itself but about thinking along the entire supply chain. This means considering everything from bottle design and detailed equipment planning, to continuous production monitoring with collection and use of data, as well as services to improve the line’s performance.

This unifying story was linked to Sidel’s capabilities in meeting industry demands. This would ensure a unique position in the market, where complete lines are often communicated as nothing more than a collection of machines.

Ensuring an integrated marketing system

The potential purchase of a complete line can include between 10 to 15 touch-points for customers, both physical and digital. It was therefore important to define the right balance of communication elements. In addition, Sidel knew that historically they are facing two main decision makers, both technical and operational, while digital channels are playing a bigger part in these customers’ buying process.

To reach potential new customers, Kunde & Co developed a number of different communication elements. A comprehensive white paper described in detail Sidel's approach to an integrated solution. This message was also activated on adverts in key industry media. A campaign site, meanwhile, featured interactive descriptions of each step in the complete line process, segment specific line concepts and a concept film. Communication efforts also comprised several online activities, including trigger-based e-mail flows, extensive social media seeding and re-targeting, more than 10 blog posts and several landing pages. Finally, all Sidel’s sales teams received a technical presentation to frame the concept. This multifaceted marketing system ensures that no matter where customers and potential customers meet Sidel, they find the same differentiating story.

Ecosystem of the Complete Line campaign


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Gaining strong digital results

  • 240,000 unique users reached within the target group
  • 8% of exposed users engaged in social media content – eight times above the industry average
  • 6% click-through-rate (CTR) – seven times higher than the industry average
  • 17,500 unique website visits, with 75% new visitors
  • 360% more traffic across the campaign’s various online platforms
  • 270 relevant leads generated and several requests for proposals through social media and on the blog from potential customers

Lead generation through intelligent targeting

To generate more leads, Kunde & Co introduced an intelligent targeting system. Through advanced retargeting, we were able to exploit the digital behaviour of Sidel’s target audience.

By developing tailored content, we aimed to advance and mature the target audience, from brand awareness to consideration and finally conversion.

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Improving UX with interactive solutions

To better communicate the concept of Sidel’s complete line, Kunde & Co introduced an interactive solution allowing potential customers to explore each step of the process individually.

And to meet the different beverage segments specifically, we developed an interactive map that enabled users to explore specific parts of a complete line concept.


Increasing interaction on social channels

To better connect with potential customers, and build credibility as a complete line provider, a key part of the campaign was the activation of Sidel´s blog and social media channels, namely LinkedIn and Facebook.

In partnership with Sidel, Kunde & Co produced more than 10 blog posts and 30 pieces of static and dynamic social media content.


What we delivered

  • Campaign strategy and concept
  • Brochure
  • + 30 pieces of static and motion social media posts
  • Concept film
  • 8 blog posts
  • Ads
  • Landing pages
  • E-mail nurturing flow
  • Display ads
  • Retargeting flow for social media
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