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Dialogue campaigns strengthen Samsung's B2B position

Samsung is a global leader in information technology, display and secure mobile experience. This company is best known for its consumer electronics, but they also have a broad portfolio of business products and solutions.


The task

Kunde & Co was approached by Samsung Switzerland to establish a strong market position by driving awareness for sales of the restarted Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition as well as other flagship products such as high-quality LED screens and secure flash memory. Samsung Switzerland and Kunde & Co jointly developed a new value position in order to meet the increased requirements that companies have towards their business technology.


Exclusive dialogue marketing campaigns with 20% response

For the promotion of Samsung's business products and solutions as well as for building a strong market position, we rely on high-quality dialogue marketing as a core element. In this way, we address decision-makers in large Swiss companies and generate pull effects via relevant digital channels. In the digital age in particular, traditional advertising media such as letters or parcels are extremely effective: because addressing several senses at the same time generates more attention and excitement in the target group. Each campaign helped Samsung organize meetings with more than 20 percent of the targeted decision makers.


«Better safe… than sorry»

The aim of the dialogue campaign was to strengthen Samsung's position as the global market leader in flash memories and to generate sales meetings for a freshly launched product. The concept for the campaign consisted of exclusive direct mail, which was sent to 150 selected decision-makers from large Swiss companies. The story “better safe… than sorry” was developed and tested based on target group insights. The mailing presented the IT manager with a functional test product and asked them to report back their experience. In order to generate pull effects, direct advertising was accompanied by social media and newsletter activities.


Leading position in the LED market

The aim of this dialogue campaign was to establish Samsung as a first mover in the relatively new LED screens market. The other target was to create general awareness of the technological performance of LED technology. The company's new LED screens can display very pure black as well as true colors and have low reflection, making them crystal clear even in a bright day room. The concept of the dialogue campaign envisaged an exclusive direct mailing to the C-level management of 100 of the largest Swiss companies. The activity was accompanied by films, newsletters and social media.


«Drive your Business»

This dialogue campaign, as part of a long-term communication strategy, focused on increasing awareness and promoting the technological benefits of the restarted Galaxy Enterprise Edition. It aimed at the most important decision-makers and IT managers in Swiss companies with more than 50 employees. The campaign also included newsletter-flow, attractive key visuals, a microsite, animated films, social media posts, advertising banners, text ads and sales fact sheets. These elements combined delivered Samsung outstanding direct sales opportunities.


What we delivered


  • Development of a dialogue campaign
  • Value position
  • Communication strategy
  • Mailing
  • Newsletter
  • Key visuals
  • Animation films
  • Microsite
  • Social media posts
  • Advertising banners

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Henrik Kattrup

Partner - Country Manager, Switzerland
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