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Revitalising Danfoss' position ensures relevance in changing times

Danfoss is engineering solutions that are driving the sustainable transformation of tomorrow. The global company is a leader within cooling and heating solutions, mobile hydraulics and variable frequency drives and has more than 28,000 employees.


The task

Revitalise Danfoss’ “ENGINEERING TOMORROW” story to ensure continued relevance by increasing awareness about the solutions the company is developing to meet global challenges. The new communication platform needed to create a strong connection between Danfoss’ innovations and industries through a high-level story.


Unleashing the potential of the transformation

The world is transforming and we are facing major challenges that include climate change, securing tomorrow’s food supply, rising urbanisation, while increasing electrification and digitisation. These five megatrends create huge potential for intelligent, energy-efficient solutions, and for increasing the relevance of Danfoss' solutions.


Enough talk – it is time for action

These megatrends have long been discussed, but the right solutions have not yet been implemented at scale. Danfoss is focusing on how it has solutions ready today, waiting to be applied across industries. We are now at the time of transformation, and need to put words into action. This formed the basis for the communication concept.


A bold concept for a bold statement

Together with Kunde & Co, Danfoss put words into action with the narrative “THIS IS WHERE THE TRANSFORMATION STARTS”. A concept film was developed that addresses the megatrends, while showing how today’s solutions can start the transformation. Whether an engineer, decision-maker or student, Danfoss now has now has a story all can relate to.

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Danfoss’ solutions are part of the transformation

A solutions’ film was also developed to explain the story beyond the high-level concept film. The purpose of that film was to showcase key solutions that make a difference within each megatrend. Taking the story further, five social-first films were also created for individual industries. 

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A strong start for the platform

Externally, the launch was primarily driven by social platforms with a focus on reaching professional decision-makers. The campaign performed significantly above benchmarks on digital channels and gained strong internal support. “THIS IS WHERE THE TRANSFORMATION STARTS” will continue to be used and developed in Danfoss' communication.




“For the past five years, we have built our position around Engineering Tomorrow, and today there are many who see Danfoss as an innovative and reliable partner. We wanted to open a new chapter in that narrative to ensure our relevance in a global agenda characterized by uncertainty and climate challenges. With our new concept and Generation Z as the voice, together with Kunde & Co we created a highly topical message that has delivered a good response with our industries.”

– Mette Munk, Head of Group Branding, Danfoss

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What we delivered

  • 1 concept film
  • 1 supporting film
  • 5 industry vertical films
  • 19 key visuals
  • Concept guidelines
  • Social & digital activation
  • 4 Employer branding films

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