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Fit for the future: Repositioning of the
Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic

Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic is a part of Suva, the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund, and is the leading specialist clinic in Switzerland for accident and sports rehabilitation as well as professional reintegration. At its location between Baden and Zurich, it has 222 beds and employs around 550 people.


Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic

The task

Bellikon Rehabilitation Clinic has been an established brand in Switzerland and beyond the country's borders for decades and achieved an operating income of CHF 76 million in 2017. But at the same time as the completion of a renovation and new building project in 2018, the clinic should also get a new face – with a modern corporate design that reflects the excellent reintegration rates, the new infrastructure and the modernity of the house.


Start with in-depth analysis

The project began with an analysis phase: employee interviews, customer surveys and internal workshops. Finally, based on the findings, it was necessary to realign the positioning of the rehabilitation clinic to sharpen its competencies and open up new potential. We jointly defined the high success rate, modern infrastructure and medical competence as differentiating features for re-branding.


Evolution instead of revolution

We developed a brand positioning that reflects the unique specialization in accident and sports rehabilitation as well as professional reintegration. For the implementation, we modernized the corporate design and coordinated it better with digital channels. Together with the imagery and the key visuals, it visualizes the competence of the clinic. We also changed the colour of the logo and combined it with a turquoise colour scheme that demonstrates the bond with Suva.


Versatile re-branding elements

The creative department at Kunde & Co designed around 150 different elements with the defined parameters. We revised numerous existing communication media from website design to business stationery. Also, we redesigned many elements: internal media such as employee magazines, office equipment and much more – for a consistent overall appearance.


Comprehensive employer branding campaign

In addition to re-branding, the work of Kunde & Co included a second aspect: employer branding, to make the clinic attractive for young professionals as well as professionals willing to change. After defining the strategic messages, we developed the complete campaign “With you we will get even better”, including a film, social media elements, various job advertisements, large-format posters and elements for local public transport.



In the summer of 2018, the clinic completed its CHF 350 million new building and extension, which significantly increased its capacities. At this point, the entire “Rehaklinik Bellikon” brand was changed – and could be communicated effectively and efficiently both internally and externally. The employer branding campaign was also successfully implemented and is now used in digital and printed formats. The rehabilitation clinic is well-positioned for the future.


What we delivered

  • Comprehensive branding process
  • Repositioning
  • Employer branding campaign
  • Communication concept
  • Over 150 internal and external elements

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Henrik Kattrup

Partner - Country Manager, Switzerland
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