A strong digital presence increases consumer preference for eight RB brands in the Nordics

RB is the world's leading consumer health and hygiene company with 19 iconic brands within the categories: Home, Health and Hygiene. RB is among other brands known for Vanish, Finish, Durex, Scholl and Veet.


RB Nordic

The task

The task was to build brand preference by bringing eight of RB’s power brands closer to their consumers in the ongoing battle of in-store sales.

This was to be achieved through the development of a strong digital presence in the Nordics.


Increased competition calls for a strong digital strategy

By primarily focusing on TV and a solid distribution, RB Nordic ensures that brands such as Vanish, Veet, Scholl, Cillit Bang, Air Wick, Finish, Dettol and Durex are well-known across the Nordics.

However, with increased competition and greater demands from consumers, a strong distribution isn’t enough. Kunde & Co has therefore helped RB Nordic develop a robust digital presence for eight brands in order to increase brand preference among consumers.


Building data-driven creativity and consumer engagement

The digital strategy focuses on creating a one-on-one dialogue through Facebook while developing engaging and value-based content.

All content is developed in close cooperation between Kunde & Co's specialist departments, making it possible to harvest and utilise valuable insights from both media specialists and Nordic community managers.  

This knowledge allows consultants and creatives to define an optimal direction and create content that strengthens the brands’ relationships with their consumers.


A greater performance on critical business parameters

The digital strategy has provided a strong and unique starting point for developing value-based and engaging content for all of RB’s brands.

Across the brands, consumer preference has improved by 14%, frequency of use by 21%, price perception by 8% and willingness to buy by 11%.


What we delivered

  • Social media strategy and concept
  • Social media campaigns
  • Product campaigns (POS, display and Facebook)
  • Media strategy
  • Intelligent targeting for social media
  • Key visuals for campaigns
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