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One of the world’s largest ceramics brands gains strength through an end-to-end global repositioning.

Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates with around 15,000 employees worldwide, RAK Ceramics is one of the largest ceramics producers in the world, specialising in ceramic and gres porcelain, tiling and sanitary wares. Their 16 plants produce 110 million m2 of tiles and 5 million pieces of sanitary ware every year, sold to clients in over 150 countries through a network of operational hubs in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia.

RAK Ceramics

The task

Determine the optimal brand strategy and position to help RAK achieve a stronger international foothold with architects and specifiers outside of their home market. 


A customer centric approach to brand development

For the first time in RAK´s history, Kunde & Co gathered intelligence from both internal and external stakeholders across key markets for a clearer picture of the company’s positioning and the future.


With a complex distribution system, it was imperative to gain insight across the full value chain to ensure meaningful brand development. Based on a hypothesis generated from pre-analysis customer interviews, Kunde & Co developed a range of positioning directions for testing. Quantitative concept and positioning studies ensured a customer-centric approach to brand development, and the survey delivered nuanced perspectives, but it was clear that the company needed a true international profile built on more than its Arabic heritage.

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Rational positioning and emotional concepts tell the story

Thorough research showed, that RAK could distinguish itself from competitors by leveraging a position as “The Ceramics Expert.” They would transition from an efficient manufacturing company to a strong, market-oriented international brand, leveraging expertise, project capabilities, quality production and innovative technology. Market perception of their ceramics range would need to be strengthened, as well.


“The Ceramics Expert” was the rational description of RAK´s position, but in an industry driven by inspiration and design, the communication concept needed to stand out and engage emotionally. Kunde & Co developed the concept, “Room for imagination.” RAK´s passion and expertise, combined with careful attention to detail, enabled them to provide customers with a superior range of integrated ceramics solutions, allowing unmatched creative freedom. In short, RAK Ceramics helped to create icons and marvels, with products featured in some of the world’s most iconic buildings.

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A new international visual identity for a new brand

In the act of transitioning to an international market-oriented brand, RAK needed to present themselves as international design experts. In alignment with the new position and brand story, Kunde & Co conducted a complete overhaul of RAK’s identity, with a new design manual covering everything from the company logo to its photo styling. The new brand position and profile were rolled out across all on- and offline touchpoints in the fall of 2016.

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What we delivered

  • Positioning analysis and strategy
  • Identity concept
  • Design concept
  • Corporate design manual
  • Rebranding concept & strategy
  • Visual identity incl. new logo
  • Mood film
  • Logo film

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