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Telling the pure brand story

Puori is a Danish provider of clean and superior food supplements. Founded in 2009 by Julius Heslet and Oliver Amdrup, the mission has always been to support people who strive to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle. The ambition is to push the industry of food supplements toward increased transparency and clean labelling. Puori has historically been a brand for Crossfitters and athletes in Denmark, USA and Sweden.

The task

Developing high-quality nutritional supplements is one thing – telling consumers why it is important to choose pure nutritional supplements is another. With best-in-class products, but also a high price point, Puori needed to structure and tell the story about their unique brand in a simple and convincing way while aligning with their newest brand ambassador: Helena Christensen.


Who buys premium nutritional supplements?

Up until today, Puori had been working with a segmentation framework that defined who the Puori customer should be, rather than who they are. Therefore, the first step of the process was to move away from persona-based segmentation and instead, get to know the value-customers of the Puori brand in terms of demographics and psychographics: who they are, where they are and what they want. Through tailored market research, Kunde & Co identified the key segments for Puori across Sweden, Denmark and the US.


What do they want?

The analysis highlighted Puori’s need to identify a broader segment than before; the brand had to move from being a niche player, focusing on Crossfitters and athletes, towards becoming a premium brand with a wider appeal in the market. However, it was still very important that Puori did not lose touch with the Crosffiters who had been the foundation of the brand when established. Through a better understanding of the products, drivers and behaviours across both the niche and the broader segments, Kunde & Co was able to define a brand story appealing to both. 

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How do we tell it?

By being able to develop and test different directions and communication hierarchies, Kunde & Co was able to identify and understand which parts of the brand story that were the most important. It became obvious that the authentic story, which was demanding something from the consumers, was also appealing to key segments who understood that health is not something that you only consume, it is something you work for. This became the tagline: “What you put in it is all that counts” This tagline as well as the accompanying brand story became the essence of the Puori brand, and aligned well with the new global brand ambassador, Helena Christensen.


How should brand ambassadors tell it?

Based on the insights and thorough analysis, Kunde & Co developed a communication framework, social media playbook, ad templates and social media content, to match the new brand story and identity. Four key topics were also developed through which Puori and their brand ambassadors can tell the unique brand story in different ways. Now, Puori can control their brand story while giving their ambassadors the freedom they need in order to express themselves. 


What we delivered

  • Market research across Sweden, USA and Denmark
  • Analysis of segments, buying behaviour, positioning and communication concept
  • Communication framework including brand story, value proposition and key topics
  • Social media playbook including brand ambassador framework
  • Social media content
  • Ad templates

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