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Setting a new course for the Oticon brand

Oticon has long been a robust brand, but the launch of Oticon OpnTM in 2016 introduced a paradigm shift in hearing aid, further strengthening the company’s position. Spearheading this new era of technology, Oticon is now seen as a global provider of premium hearing aid solutions. To keep this momentum going, Oticon took this opportunity to reinforce its market position.

The task

For more than 30 years, Oticon had used ‘People first’ to communicate externally. This centred the core of the brand on human values, but the market had changed radically, and research highlighted new needs to address. Technology had become the key to unlocking Oticon’s future and the company’s significant potential. Theirs was not just technology for the sake of it, but technology that truly makes a difference to people’s lives. But how could this transformation best be done, and what would be the optimal re-positioning strategy? The answers were found in a comprehensive brand evaluation process, where Kunde & Co guided Oticon through hypotheses, prototyping and testing to understand how the brand was perceived and to get insights to set a direction for the future.




”With our latest technological breakthroughs Oticon has set new standards in the industry and, to really seize the opportunities in front of us requires a strong, distinct brand.  Together with Kunde & Co we have created a clear direction that I’m confident will steer us into the future where new technology, new user demands and our ageing population are transforming the industry.”

- Ole Asboe, President, Oticon Brand, Global and President HIG (Hearing Instrument Group)


Insights from more than 2,000 stakeholders

A cornerstone in the repositioning process was a large-scale survey in which various stimuli and prototypes about values, market positions, mission statements, pay-offs, visual tonalities and brand concepts were tested among 450 internal respondents and more than 1,800 external respondents from five key markets.


Making life easier

The results clearly showed technology leadership and innovation to be the core value drivers for the Oticon brand, while highlighting that it was still important to prioritise people empowerment and the ambition of making life easier for people with hearing loss. Together, these insights helped decide Oticon’s new payoff and brand concept, ’Life-changing technology’, which is defined by the two fundamental parameters: people-centricity and technology-leading.


A clear ambition

The new brand position and concept was launched at an internal kick-off in February 2020, where employees welcomed the new brand platform and payoff with great excitement and motivation. Everyone agreed that this set the company a new clear direction to follow in order to maintain the strongest brand position in the industry. A brand film, brand book and concept folder were produced to bring the change to life, whilst Oticon’s visual identity was updated to give it a more modern and distinctive look. Externally, the revamped brand has been very well received and it serves as a distinct foundation for all campaigns and communication.


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