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International branding for a Nordic fintech company

Nets helps banks, companies and stores alike to make the lives of their customers easier by offering safe payment methods. Nets, with headquarters in Denmark, delivers its services to more than 300,000 stores, 240,000 companies and 240 credit institutes throughout Scandinavia.


The task

After a period of organic growth, as well as some acquisitions, the payment solution provider saw itself confronted with the challenge to unify the Europe-wide expanding company behind a common identity and value position. That’s why Nets started a positioning project with Kunde & Co to create a new purpose and a coherent core message.

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Need for an expanded brand story

Preliminary analyses and interviews showed that Nets had a strong brand position in Denmark, due to its popular brands Dankort, NemID, eBoks and Betalingsservice. But an expanded and significantly more aligned message was needed. At the same time, the qualified recognition of Nets over Scandinavia was to be heightened, especially through highlighting the company’s role in the digitisation process and in making everyday life easier. Lastly, a clear and precise perception of the company’s many innovations and improvements for the customers was yet to be established.  

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Comprehensive testing

Based on this analysis, we created a framework for Nets as an orientation and guideline for further development and expansion of their current perception. On this foundation we developed several directions for a Nets brand message. We visualised and described them and then conducted quantitative testing, with 800 employees from Nets, as well as more than 3,000 external participants from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. 

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The brand’s most important driving forces

Testing results showed that it could be to Nets’ advantage to point out how the company has made everyday life easier for decades now. Additionally, the results pointed out that the interviewees wanted to know more about Nets’ innovations in the payment services sector. That’s why “easiness” became a keyword in the new core message, which connects past and future. As a new purpose, the slogan “An easier tomorrow. Powered by Nets” was created. All this became the foundation for positioning, core message and future communication and marketing solutions, supported by the new visual identity that we had developed alongside.


Careful internal anchoring

An internal anchoring process generated support, understanding and enthusiasm for the new business strategy. It started with a two-day kick-off event for management executives, who were summoned on an abandoned military airbase and sent on a joint mission with communication activities and obstacles. At this event, we presented the new visual identity and core message for the very first time. Just a few days later, the complete new concept was rolled out in every country.


External launch

After the internal kick-off, the new strategy was then implemented within external activities, to promote the new core message and also to communicate: This is how Nets and its partners make everyone’s everyday lives a little easier. The project started in 2017 and was a part of Nets’ business strategy for the period from 2018 to 2022.


What we delivered


  • Research and analyses
  • Comprehensive market surveys
  • International branding
  • Positioning concept
  • External and internal anchoring
  • Visual identity

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