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Change-over to success: With a digital product campaign

As a specialist for safety valves in process and plant construction, the 200-year-old Hamburg-based LESER has earned the renown of a tech leader. LESER is the biggest manufacturer in Europe, belongs to the world market leaders and has representations in more than 80 countries. Leading global players in the chemical and petrochemical industry, in engineering as well as the pharmaceutical or food industry, trust LESER valves. LESER decided to extend its range of self-manufactured products by so-called change-over valves, whose task is the protection of plants even during maintenance of safety valves.



The task

Our task was the development of a creative product launch concept for an international market with strong technological competition. This powerful concept was to be tailored to target groups. The solution ended with a digital pilot campaign in order to reach the highest impact.


Consistent campaign development

To introduce the new change-over valves effectively within the market, a strong campaign with the help of Kunde & Co was needed. As we wanted a thorough, precise and also economical process, we chose an iterative approach. As a first step we developed a basic text together with LESER’s product engineers and marketing team. This text defined the essentials of the new product as well as listed all its benefits. In a series of steps, this basic text was optimised again and again – and became the foundation for all communication media.

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Precisely harmonised online elements

Based on this concept text, we devised a communication concept and implementation plan, which defined target groups and media as well as the contents. Our creative department then took up the task of developing the matching elements, all under the motto “Change-over to…”. As the campaign was planned with a digital focus, we not only designed key visuals, but also a microsite, a range of electronic direct mailings and various HTML5 banners and LinkedIn posts – all with the goal of addressing the target groups precisely and selectively.

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Rollout and first success

The complete campaign was planned for international adaptation from the beginning. Based on an English master, a German version was made, then Russian and Chinese followed suit. Sticking to a precisely defined rollout plan, the German market campaign started in Summer 2017 on all online channels. The first results were quickly very convincing. In the first month more relevant leads were generated than ever before in this very tight target group. Thus, LESER and their new valves could change-over effectively – to success. 


What we delivered


  • Development of basic product text
  • Communication concept
  • Implementation plan
  • Key visuals
  • Microsite
  • Electronic direct mailing
  • Banners
  • LinkedIn posts
  • Multi-lingual adaptation

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Bjørn Olsen

Partner - Country Manager, Germany
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