INTERSPORT is gearing up for the future with a new brand platform

The international retail chain INTERSPORT has been active in sports since 1968, when ten successful national buying organisations came together with an ultimate goal: to create an international sporting goods operation. The operation would provide customers with the best purchasing experience, give them confidence in their retailer and deliver complete product satisfaction. Today, INTERSPORT is the world’s largest sport retail chain with 5860 stores in 45 countries.



The task

In 2009 Kunde & Co established INTERSPORT’s position and developed the corporate concept: “Sport To The People”. This was implemented in most stores around the world and played an important role in ensuring the company became a strong, unified brand. 

After almost ten years of proving this position, corporate concept and segmentation, Kunde & Co was asked to validate the strategy and, if needed, update the brand platform based on the latest consumer shopping habits and trends.


Updated position and consumer segmentation

The sporting goods market has developed rapidly over recent years, with every major fashion brand now supplying sports clothes – athleisure is big business. International low-cost players have entered the market offering good quality products at low prices – and this compounds pressure from e-commerce and consumers who try on in-store but buy online. INTERSPORT needed to address these changed market conditions, sharpen its market position and make a clear-cut customer segmentation.



Updated logo, but it’s still about “Sport To The People”

Consumer data insights showed the logo needed to be refreshed. However, when testing alternatives either closely connected to or further away from the current emblem, we clearly saw the value of the existing logo and that significant change was not necessary. Today, the claim “Sport To The People” is implemented in almost all INTERSPORT countries. Consumers like it, and it topped the test when consumers were asked about the most important attributes connected to INTERSPORT. Consequently, the company retained the concept.


INTERSPORT 2.0 – Shaping the future

To better meet today’s consumer needs we adjusted the framework of the entire brand strategy and created a new brand platform. This included an updated core position, vision and mission – to mention just a few parts of the new platform. All these were featured in a brand book to align employees in how they perceive, promote and live INTERSPORT internally, and how the company should communicate externally to customers.


Project outcome results

The revised brand platform includes a new brand essence, vision, mission, core position, brand characters, manifesto and a description of the core consumers. It also gives stakeholders the information they need to model their business and deliver better sports experiences.


What we delivered

  • Consumer test with 8000+ consumers in eight countries
  • New brand platform and brand model
  • Updated corporate logo
  • Engaging brand book

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Henrik Kattrup

Partner - Country Manager, Switzerland
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