HTH leverages its brand strength to launch new sub-brand and attract more customers

HTH Kitchens is the largest and leading kitchen manufacturer in the Nordic region. The company distributes and sells its products through more than 100 outlets in Scandinavia that are partly self-owned or owned by franchisees.


The task

In 2016, HTH’s sub-brand, “Gør Det Selv HTH” (“Do It Yourself HTH”), was Denmark’s third best-selling kitchen brand. Research indicated that the DIY-concept offered HTH a great opportunity to further reinforce the company’s market position and increase sales by utilising the strength of the corporate brand. To unlock potential and fulfil its vision, HTH realised there was a need to create an entirely new brand proposition. The solution was the new brand HTH GO and the concept “Mere dig. Mindre pris” (More you. Less money).

HTHGO-Video-mobile.jpg HTHGO-Video.jpg

A strong brand platform for a well-defined target audience

Starting with consumer insight studies and the mapping of competing brand positions, HTH and Kunde & Co began developing a brand platform for HTH GO. Results indicated which target group HTH GO should communicate to, and the brand’s ideal positioning. With the basics in place, work could begin on the development of a strategy, concept and brand platform.


One big idea. Multiple channels.

Accompanied by TVCs, it was evident that digital media should play an important role in the HTH GO’s launch campaign. The ambition was to create a bold creative solution that clearly communicates across all channels how HTH GO offers affordable, quality kitchens for customers that want their kitchen to express a dimension of their own personal story.

HTHGO-Video2-mobile.jpg HTHGO-Video2.jpg

Content and communication concept

The outcome of this was an integrated content and communication concept, ‘The GO Challenge’. The creative idea for the challenge centres on the idea that behind every kitchen lies a person and a story. To communicate this, HTH invited five creative personalities to create their own kitchens on a limited budget in just four days. The result was five very different and unique solutions. The kitchens and the creation process and ideas behind them provided a wealth of content, which was used on the new HTH GO website, social media, TV-spots and a range of other campaign elements across all brand touch points.

HTHGO-Web-mobile.jpg HTHGO-Web.jpg
HTHGO-Video3-mobile.jpg HTHGO-Video3.jpg

Disruptive marketing

The launch of HTH GO is an innovative move within its category. HTH also developed a free service that helps clients quickly put their kitchen dreams into action. At a time where there is a lot of talk about disruption, HTH contributes a new way of thinking to a category, which until now has been unfamiliar with this kind of offering. This has allowed HTH to differentiate the new brand and increase the trustworthiness of HTH GO’s position.


True 360° execution

The launch campaign made HTH GO visible across off- and online platforms. A very important part of this was ensuring the campaign and concept had a strong presence in HTH GO stores and shop-in-shops. Special versions of the kitchens from The GO Challenge were exhibited in the shops to offer visitors the chance to experience, and be inspired by, the campaign’s unique kitchens.


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