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New market position makes H+H the perfect construction partner

H+H is an international group that develops, produces and distributes aircrete blocks and calcium silicate units for wall construction of residential, industrial and commercial buildings. The Denmark-based company has 28 production facilities throughout Europe, and in 2017 produced 3 million cubic meters of aircrete which generated a turnover of around €200 million.


The task

The construction industry is booming. That’s why H+H, Europe’s second largest producer of aircrete, acquired two new companies in Germany and Poland. Both of these companies produced calcium silicate units, which made the product portfolio of H+H grow substantially – and thus, led to a new communication challenge. Furthermore, H+H wanted to renew its core message and open up new target groups. Kunde & Co came to assist.     


Brand Value Propositioning

At first we identified the sales markets of H+H and analysed the perception of the brand by conducting 45 qualitative interviews in six countries. We learned that we had to find a way to better communicate H+H’s value for the construction process itself. Also, a more logical and customer-friendly brand structure seemed necessary. We discussed these findings across all markets in a workshop and brainstormed different scenarios for H+H’s future brand value position.

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Input from six main markets

Next, we developed a quantitative analysis of different suggestions regarding tonality, concept directions and brand system, which was answered by more than 700 members of all H+H target groups. Among them were structural engineers, civil engineers, architects and traders. It was here we found out that the markets differed far less than we had assumed. Furthermore, it became clear that H+H was perceived as a powerful brand with high quality and renowned products – wall specialists – and that a sub-brand for the new product portfolio was needed.


New core message

A new focus should be on topics like partnership and customer focus. Therefore we developed a new core message and a brand value position with the concept “PARTNERS IN WALL BUILDING”. It defines H+H as a professional and reliable partner who generates added value from the first drawing until the project’s completion. 


Implementation across all markets

For implementation on the European markets, various communication and distribution elements supported the new concept. These elements describe and visualise the new market position and role of H+H as the ideal partner for wall building from low houses up to multi-storey buildings. 


What we delivered


  • Research and market analysis
  • Internal workshops
  • Quantitative survey
  • Development of core message and brand value position
  • Realisation of various communication elements

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