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Creating clear and differentiated positions for two Hilding Anders brands

Hilding Anders is Scandinavia’s largest bed producer and a major European player. Headquartered in Sweden, the company has a range of private label concepts as well as its own brands, while its 9500 employees are spread across 40 markets.


Hilding Anders

The task

After years of streamlining, Hilding and Ekens had come to reflect each other visually and in communication, with both incorporating limited unique selling points. Low consumer awareness and increasing competition meant the brands needed to change if Hilding Anders was to attract new consumers and ensure target group relevance.


Making two brands relevant for consumers based on insights

At a series of workshops, Kunde & Co dug into each brand’s DNA and identified potential gaps in the market, matching their current positions with the internal and external preferred positions and connected values. This provided a clear view of how they could be differentiated and what the optimal positions and connected values should be.


Developing an effective go-to-market strategy

Conducting a listening study helped us to better understand the market, and the results were used to map the market and locate gaps, while providing insights for identifying a go-to-market strategy for each brand. So, while developing new positions, Kunde & Co simultaneously developed a go-to-market strategy to ensure the brands’ new positions were ideally introduced to consumers. Each go-to-market strategy emphasised media principles for how to enter the market, how to implement the campaign and which media to use.


Ekens - A brand of Swedish heritage and design

The bedroom is a place where we dream, a place where we plan our futures – and it’s where we sleep and wake up energised to realise those dreams. Established in 1938, the Ekens brand is built on Sweden’s renowned heritage of design and craftsmanship, and the love of nature. This provided the inspiration for the concept, “Realise your dreams”.  


"In a very short time, Kunde & Co understood our industry and the market. By working with them we were able to pinpoint strong and unique positions and develop brand platforms for two of our brands."

Hans Peter Hindrikson

Sales & Marketing Director Sweden, Hilding Anders


Hilding – A family and allergy-friendly brand

Birthday mornings, pillow fights, bedstime stories and sleep – beds are part of family life, and Hilding’s are allergy- and environmentally-friendly. This unique position provided a foundation for the brand’s strategy and creative concept. The concept “At the heart of family life” highlights the bed as the heart of every family, as well as Hilding's brand values – quality, thoughtfulness, Swedish traditions and family friendliness.



The project provided Hilding Anders with valuable insights into their industry and consumer demands. These insights helped clearly establish differentiated positions and formulate go-to-market strategies for each brand.

The two brand packages included repositioning strategies, communication concepts, brand books, key visuals and other elements. Launched in the Swedish market in June 2018, they provide a template for future communication of the Hilding and Ekens brands.


What we delivered

  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Brand positioning and communication concepts
  • Two brand books
  • Two catalogues
  • Two instore concepts
  • Two responsive websites with new design and copy
  • Campaign material, product images and campaign visuals

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