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A new company built on the shoulders of two market leaders.

A strong narrative and unique visual identity for the new company HBK, has given them a strong position in a market that is otherwise plagued by disruptions and tough competition.


The task

Kunde & Co were engaged to create one unified brand when Danish Brüel and Kjær and German HBM merged as HBK - Hottinger, Brüel & Kjær. Both companies were global leaders in testing and measurement solutions, making the merger a perfect match. But there was a need for a new identity and a single brand narrative that could create a strong, long-term position in a more digitized market.


A powerful new narrative

The focal point of the new narrative became the strength of bringing two market leaders together, each with their area of expertise in all the physical parameters of a product. Sound, vibration, weight, duration, etc., the new HBK was uniquely positioned to ensure an efficient and more reliable product development process. This way, the company was positioned as an important strategic partner for their customers. At the same time, the merger created new potential for the digital ambitions of the two organizations.


Comprehensive testing with customers and employees

After development, the core story was tested in an online survey with both employees and customers. The results provided valuable insights that helped build a strong brand strategy. The test not only confirmed that HBK could build on the two companies' strong heritage and reputation, but that they should also drive the industry forward towards a more data-driven and digital industry.


Internal activities to anchor the new brand

To successfully launch the new HBK brand, it was essential that it also became deeply rooted within the new organization first. Therefore, Kunde & Co prepared internal workshop activities across the two companies. The internal workshops helped to create a professional yet informal framework for the employees to work together on the new brand and understand the legacy of the two companies. It developed a mutual understanding and broad knowledge of the new brand story as well as HBK's future ambitions.


Our Services

  • Positioning process
  • Development of the brand message
  • Strategy for brand architecture
  • Logo development
  • Visual identity development
  • Internal anchoring activities & workshops
  • Company presentation

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