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Positioning Geberit as the complete bathroom partner in the Nordic markets

Headquartered in Switzerland, the Geberit Group is Europe’s leading provider of sanitary ceramics, technology and solutions. In the Nordic markets well-known brands such as Ifö, IDO and Porsground belong under the Geberit Group.


The Task & Challenge

Geberit has for a long time been the preferred brand for behind-the-wall installations among installers. In 2014, Geberit acquired the Sanitec Group with Nordic household brands such as Ifö, IDO and Porsground. This has given Geberit new opportunities to explore with a complete bathroom range. Our task was together with Geberit to develop a strong concept targeted the project sales market in the Nordic markets. 


The Solution

An understanding of the decision journey and the underlaying needs of the target groups was the foundation for developing the Geberit project sales concept. A concept and campaign covering multiple stakeholder groups with targeted messaging and elements. The concept was formalized with the pay-off “The Power of Less”, summarizing what you can expect when working with Geberit: less complexity, less hassle and less risk.


Understanding the target groups

Interviews with key stakeholders in a building project provided the foundation for mapping the decision journey, as well as the needs and responsibilities in the process. A key conclusion was that the concept should cover multiple target groups from planners and architects to builders and contractors. It was clear that the main needs and concerns were connected to hassle-free processes, easy planning, reliable solutions, complete bathroom range, and reduced complexity in general.


One strong concept with targeted messaging

With multiple target groups and different needs, we needed to develop a strong concept which captured this. The concept was summarized in “The Power of Less – Less Complexity, Less Hassle, Less Risk” — simply stating what you avoid by working with Geberit as the complete bathroom partner from the first drawing to the last installation.

Besides the overall concept, a communication hierarchy was also developed to ensure targeted messaging towards the two key stakeholder groups: the planners and the builders.


Using spokespeople and cases to prove the concept

In order to prove the concept and the capabilities of Geberit, we decided to use some of the best cases from across the Nordic markets – from the Mærsk Building in Copenhagen to the Mall of Scandinavia in Sweden. All cases supported the story of Geberit being the preferred partner in all stages of a bathroom project. And to leverage the story of how Geberit supports and add value in a building process we used one planner and one contractor as spokespersons.


An integrated campaign across touch-points

In February 2018 “The Power of Less” campaign was launched in each of the Nordic markets: Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

An integrated campaign was activated that combined traditional channels such as ads and inserts in trade media, with a digital track including display banners and a social media from which the video content was pushed. All of the elements lead to a dedicated landing page elaborating on the concept, Geberit’s capabilities and best cases across the markets.


What we delivered

  • Understanding of target groups
  • Development of concept
  • Development of element for campaign launch
  • Storyboard and production of concept film
  • Ads and inserts
  • Social media content and activation
  • Display banner packages
  • Content for landing page

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