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50.000 members in less than a year through sharp segmentation and tailored content.

Føtex is a leading Danish supermarket chain with 90 stores throughout the country. Part of Dansk Supermarked Group, it was founded in 1960 by Herman Salling.


føtex for de små

The task

To increase the perception of quality at føtex among families with children and strengthen the sales of baby and toddler products.

This was achieved by the development and implementation of the customer programme føtex for de små (føtex for the little ones).


Fulfilling unfulfilled market potential

As a natural extension of føtex’ objective to make good quality available to everyone in Denmark, the supermarket launched a successful customer programme in collaboration with Kunde & Co targeted at families with children aged 0-3 years.

The aim of the campaign was to increase relevance and the perception of quality in one of føtex’ most important core segments, by providing valuable and relevant content to the target audience.

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Everything for a good start in life

The programme takes point of departure from the fact that life with a baby brings new requirements and daily routines for the family. It’s these days that føtex wanted to be a part of.

Together with Kunde & Co, føtex developed a customer programme divided into eight segments, under the headline Everything for a good start in life.

Through this it is possible to create relevant stories and benefits at each stage of a child’s development.


A two-tiered programme covering everybody

The programme operates on two levels. The first is reserved for members and offers numerous benefits relevant to the child’s development, such as a welcome package and guidance from health professional Helen Lyng Hansen.

The other ensures high segment coverage through increased visibility in stores, sales catalogues and on websites – including føtex’ own Facebook community – via ads and banners.


Sharp segmentation + focused content = results

Every week, føtex sends an age-appropriate newsletter off to the many expectant and new parents.

The programme has been well received by both customers and reviewers, and the results speak for themselves.

In the first four days following the launch, 18,000 people signed up, far exceeding key performance indicators. Each week excellent open and click-through rates create constant traffic to the site.

føtex for the little ones has to date secured access to 23% of the target group.



  • Target group analysis
  • Loyalty strategy
  • Creative concept
  • Technical specifications
  • Print ads
  • Social posts
  • POS elements
  • 169 segmented emails
  • 47 segmented landing pages

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